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Two Chinese kids help orphan students in Kathmandu

By Our Reporter
Fan Shuxuan and Ms Chen Yiwei, both 16, Chinese national currently studying in the United States have sponsored tuition fee of six orphan students studying in the Kamana International School in Sanobharayang, Kathmandu.
By saving their personal expenditure they are receiving from their parents, the Chinese kids have sponsored 840 US dollars each as tuition fee of the students for the educational year 2018 to 2020.
Fan is sponsoring tuition fee of Gita Khanal, Manita Nepal and Jenisha Bika orphans studying in the Kamana International School.
Similarly, Chen is sponsoring tuition fee of Ashmita Simkhada, Sher Bahadur Gurung and Junga Bahadur Chhetri in the same school.
Both Chinese kids are from Naanjin, South East China and currently studying at the 11th grade in the US.
image002Both Fan and Chen, utilizing their vacation, arrived here and worked as volunteers from 26 July to 4 August in the School where those students sponsored by them are studying. They taught Chinese language to the students.
Responding a question by this reporter, Fan said that earlier too he had been to Kathmandu along with his father and he came to know about those students in the orphanage home Resta Foundation. He took details about the orphan students and decided to sponsor at least three students by saving some money spent by his parents for his study. He conveyed this message to his friend Chen. She also became ready to sponsor tuition fee of three students. Since then, both of them started to save money with the purpose of sponsoring orphan students in Kathmandu.
Chen said that she had the opportunity to meet with the students whom she is sponsoring tuition fee in the school. She felt very happy after meeting them. She believes that those students should not be deprived from educational opportunity just being an orphan.
image001She said that she will try to convince more students in her school to support those orphan kids in Nepal.

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