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NC’s backing to Deepak Raj Joshee another folly

By Our Reporter
Nepali Congress, the main opposition party, often seems to standing in favour of the wrong persons. The party that backed former Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli when his date of birth was made an issue of public debate, has now thrown its strength behind Deepak Raj Joshee, whose recommendation to the post of the Chief Justice was rejected by the Parliamentary Hearing special Committee (PHSC).
Although the PHSC rejected his recommendation prompting him to stay in a 15-day leave, NC has been claiming that the rejection was an attack on the independent judiciary. Of course, it is not understandable why NC happens to support the controversial persons. NC also entered the issue of Joshee’s rejection in the parliament meeting, which has irked the ruling CPN.
However, the general people and even the supporters of the NC are not happy with the way the party backed Joshee when his verdicts and SLC certificates were dragged into controversy.
They believe that Joshee who was criticised for visiting CPN chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal a few weeks ago was not suitable for the post of Chief Justice and the PHSC rightly rejected him. However, NC seems less bothered about the public opinion on Joshee.
“NC will get nothing from backing Joshee after his rejection, it will only tarnish its image further in public,” an NC leader said in the condition of anonymity.

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