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RPPs ‘ unification process ends

Kathmandu, 5 August: After a shameful defeat in the elections, the three splinter RPPs had initiated unification process, however, due to differences in party’s agendas and leadership, the unification process was failed, reports Ratopati news portal.

In August last year, Pashupati Shumsher Rana faction had split the Kamal Thapa led RPP by forming RPP (Democratic). Earlier to that, Dr Prakashchandra Lohini had split the mother party by forming RPP Nationalist.

Due to the split, in the local, province and federal elections, all three parties became very weak, thus, the party workers had put pressure to the leaderships for unification.

Kamal Thapa led RPP is carrying the agenda of Hindu nation and constitutional monarchy. However, RPP (Democratic) has not been able to make clear mindset on these agendas.

RPP’s publicity department chief Monahan Shrestha informed that Chairman Thapa with the goal of establishing strong patriotic force, had initiated talks with those political parties having similar agendas for unification. For this, a talks team was also been formed. Of late, Thapa has decided to end talks with RPP (Democratic) until the splinter party will make clear on its stance on Hindu nation and monarchy.

According to reports appeared in different newspapers, after Sunil Thapa, general secretary of the RPP (Democratic) issued a statement saying that there was the possibility of unification between RPP and RPP (Democratic) if RPP would back republicanism and secularism, then after the unification process was ended.

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