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English loving finance minister

Kathmandu, 30 July: Finance minister Dr Yubraj Khatiwada is fond of speaking English, reports Tarun vernacular weekly. When members of the No 7 province parliament had the opportunity to call on finance minister Khatiwada, the latter spoke in English. Khatiwada is found speaking English with others also. When PM Oli received such a complaint, at a gathering of the ministers, Oli asked Khatiwada why he was speaking in English with the party workers! In response, by indicating towards Gokarna Bista,  Khatiwada said, “Mr. PM. Due to lack of practice, he like intellectual could not pronounce English words properly and he had to face great insult in facebook. What will happen if we fail to make fluent our party workers in English?”

Khatiwada’s argument touched Oli immediately and announced that those who are not familiar with compute will not be eligible to become a minister. Now, I also announce, those, who are not fluent in English, cannot become the minister”.

The Weekly has claimed that Khatiwada is planning to reward Kul Bahadur Luintel as the new governor of the Nepal Rastra Bank. Luintel is staying in London for last 25 years. The post of governor is going to be vacant after one and a half years. Until that time, Khatiwada has planned to assign him as the advisor of the Finance Ministry and then assigning him as the governor.

Sources claim that both Khatiwada and Luintel had the opportunity to join the Nepal Rastra Bank due to special consideration of Saradchandra Shah during the panchayat days.

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  1. Speaking Nepali to others should be made mandatory, specially to those who cannot speak or understand any other language except Nepali by the government officials and ministers