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Nilkantha Upreti’s Delhi connection

Kathmandu, 27 July: The government has recommended Nilkantha Upreti as the new ambassador to India.

Upreti, who was migrated to Parbat from Dhading, had passed SLC examination from Arunodaya Middle High School, Gitanagar, Chitwan, at second division in 2025 BS. Then after, he had entered Kathmandu for his further education. Currently, Upreti is the blue-eyed boy of the political leaders, reports Jana Aastha vernacular weekly.

What he did when he was the Chief Election Commissioner, they can be recalled now.

In 2069 BS, the then prime minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai recommended for holding second constituent assembly elections. To postpone this election, Upreti launched a campaign to stop that election.

The then DPM Krishna Shitaula had presented a Bill in the parliament to extend CA tenure for three months. Party president Sushil Koirala opposed this decision by calling a press conference. Then after, NC and UML called back their ministers in the government.

Baburam Bhattarai had asked to Upreti possible date for constituent assembly elections. Upreti recommended the election date that was two days back of his retirement. In public, Upreti gave interview that the election should be held and also urged the political parties for not participating the election announced by Bhattarai. Upreti was aware that in the absence of the chief election commissioner election cannot be held. Prachanda was also of the view that election under the command of Bhattarai should not be organised. However, he was ready to accept election by Sushil Koirala led government.

In such a mess, Bhattarai tendered resignation alleging that he was neither allowed to hold the election nor was allowed to present budget.

Khilaraj Regmi [sitting Supreme Court chief justice] was assigned chairman of the Cabinet. Understandably, Upreti was used person since that time.

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