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Break Nepal campaign begins; CPEC and China’s grand stay in South Asia

By NP Upadhdhya
While the nation is already in a dangerously polarized state over the “concerns” of Dr. Govinda KC, Nepal’s Southern neighbor has as usual tried to fish in the troubled waters. India does so quite often as and when she has to coerce Nepal in one pretext or the other. Indian marionettes galore.
Pretexts are in abundance for example, why inching closer to China?
This is perhaps a crime in the eyes of the Indian establishment. So be it.
Exploiting the volatile politics created tentatively by Dr. KC’s worries, India is hell bent on inundating Nepali lands in an uninterrupted manner and the hard hit village this time is the same Mahali Sagar Dam area.
As if this were not enough, Indian dadagiri could be seen in its waywardness in constructing a customs office in the no man’s land in the Eastern Nepal( Nagarain village in the Dhanusha district province number 2 perhaps) to which the established international norm do not allow any country, the bordering ones, to dare even to do so.
Those who had greeted Indian PM Modi, Rajendra Mahato, Lal Babu Raut and Bimlendra Nidhi, the Nepali political leaders, perhaps will remain tight lipped for reasons that demand no further elaboration. But they will greet the Chaiwala, as the Maharastrian Congress leader takes Modi, if he prefers to visit Janakpur this August while he is in Kathmandu to attend the Bay of Bengal Summit.
Shame on us all.
While the Nepalese are fighting with each other (perhaps the Nepali population are fighting under the instigation of some alien forces who wish to break Nepal into several pieces, the movers and shakers in Delhi-the seat of learning of politics for Nepali leaders, appear more than confident that the unaccomplished tasks of “finish Nepal campaign” this time around will see its completion thanks the tacit support of the undercover Nepali nationals that have been posted in Nepal who pocket Indian tax payer’s money. Yet we have to admit, they are our own nationals. Mir Jaaffors and Jay Chanads galore.
This is how they thrive and survive. These pseudo nationals encouraging the Indian thuggery in Nepal.
Interestingly, as is the habit that has been well recorded, not even a single leader or for that matter the ones who have been championing for the cause of Dr. KC find few seconds to speak for their own country men who have been swimming in their own inundated houses due to the illegally constructed dam by the Indian machinery.
For the street shakers and movers, the domestic issue that has been affecting a large section of the Terai people has no meaning instead they feel elated in declaring the government  as to have already acquired authoritarian character.
Indeed the government is doing wrong and has been exhibiting the fascist trends, however, the time is to concentrate on how to keep our own nationals belonging to the Terai area safe and sound from the India created flood. But no one appears to be interested in talking with the Indian government for fear of regime change perhaps or the “envelope money and Medanta Hospital that still matters”.
Any extra energy seen in Nepal against Indian Dacoity that is in a broad day light well experienced facts through decades and decades may boomerang and that may end up with the regime change of the sort of what had happened in the year 2006, if one recalls. One Indian national Shyam Saran is sufficient enough to derail the entire system if Saran is told to pounce upon Nepal by his domestic masters. So think if two or three Sarans are together then they can create upheavals in this tiny republic that has recently acquired the Chinese characteristics.
The polarized and a virtually cursed nation, thus is talking either in favor or against the demands of Dr. KC caring little for other mega problems confronting the nation that are in abundance.
The Nepali Congress and the men who count on the streets have captured the entire media attention at a time when the media itself remains in a divided state which is not unexpected phenomenon in a beleaguered country like Nepal that runs under the whims of some fanatic political brains virtually controlled by the South and some countries in Europe, honestly speaking. We are just the mercenaries and shall remain so. So we are BAHADURS.
The division seen in media is really unfortunate as such a situation damages media’s credibility. Some noted media men enjoying their democratic rights aligned themselves with Dr. KC, however, they have not yet talked on Indian encroachment of Nepali landmass or for that matter the dams that have inundated Nepali villages. They will never criticize India for some mysterious reasons.
Dr. KC’s arrogance and PM Oli’s adamancy perhaps is killing the nation in many more ways than one. Exploiting this acute situation, the communist government has increased taxes that has come as a severe blow to the champions of the democratic or say the republican order that is in place in the country which bodes ill ultimately for the health or even say survival of this System. The Communist ministers have been talking nonsense and have in the process maligned the credentials of the Nepali girls who have been studying MBBS in Bangladesh.
The fact is that the common men appear slowly feeling the heat of the changed order, a bonus is perhaps the federal structure, to which Chinese element has been freshly added. The politics of Nepal has now a mix of the Indian and the Chinese fundamentals but yet the Indian features still dominate the scene despite of the fact that China has made in the recent months and years great inroads in Nepal and its affairs.
India promises, China pays so the dictum goes but yet the reverse is true only because the “closed envelope” matters in Nepal and the Indian trick perhaps is not in knowledge of China. Even China is not that fool not to understand and follow the trick, but is being double crossed. Guaranteed. So sad. The media men close to China, perhaps are not close to China in effect.
A structured campaign appears to be in the offing which aims to malign China in Nepal.
The new sponsored trick emanating from some dark corners has to say that China too has gulped several thousand hectares of Nepali landmass in nearby Dolakha district.
Border experts even claim that Nepal has lost its land in the areas wherein it adjoins border in the North, China has been found to have shifted the boundary pillars much the same way as India does in the South. So China too is gulping Nepal slowly?
If true then that should mean that India and China are hand in glove to eat Nepal which was seen when the two rival countries gulped Lipulek, the Nepali strip of landmass, for their bilateral trade in 2015 May. Free lunch that it was.
Should this not mean then that China too has some ulterior motives on Nepal? If not then why is China silent? Why she has not the courage to refute the Nepali allegations?
Externally the country is also not safe. Internally it is in a near to battered state. The ruling and the opposition parties have become face to face and the national population is watching this entertaining drama for free. However, the nation is paying heavy cost which surprisingly is being ignored by the intellectuals, the vibrant media and the political animals for reasons unknown. All eyes are on Dr. KC only.
Should the situation polarize even further, the nation may explode and some untoward incident may happen with chances of even a regime change.
However, one thing is sure that the national politics remains now not under the control of the government. If the authorities seated in Singh Durbar do not sense the ominous signals then the state may collapse soon. Definitely India will benefit from such a state collapse to what Delhi desires.
The common men have lost their faith in the political system because of the immoral and corrupt practices being exhibited by the senile leaders who have been told by some alien forces here and there to rule this ancient nation. System has changed but the managers of the new system possess the same old corrupt mindset. The people have been electing the same corrupt faces repeatedly which has brought the nation to this pathetic state.
“A people that elects corrupt politicians are not the victims…….but accomplices”, so had said George Orwell. So this Orwellian saying fits into our own case and thus there is nothing to point fingers at the political animals ruling Nepal so mercilessly imposed on us by some inimical forces long time back.
So this is the picture of a differentiated nation which is about to shatter. Just a catalytic agent is what is needed. If India is around then why search the desired enemy?
Now about our own region: Adding insult to injury, Pakistan is soon to gift a Landing Craft to the Maldives as part of strengthening the naval capability of the archipelago.
This announcement was made just the other day at a meeting between the visiting Chief of the naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi and the Maldivian President Yameen Abdul Garoom in Male.
This news has some meaning for New Delhi because Maldives has recently discarded the friendship with India only to be replaced by China. Pakistan just enters the Maldivian scene apart from Sri Lanka.
In the mean while Chinese President Xi Jinping has set in motion his fresh bid to woo and then deepen China’s ties with the African countries. His choice of Senegal this time for a state visit on 20–21 July, perhaps his first visit to West Africa, en route to the BRICS summit in South Africa, suggests that China seeks to deepen cooperation in a region that has seen comparatively less Chinese engagements than elsewhere in Africa. In using Senegal as a springboard, writes the Interpreter, China seeks to advance strategic goals: bringing West Africa into the “Belt and Road” orbit and consolidating influence in a primarily French-dominated region.
During his visit to Beijing in June, Senegal’s Foreign Minister Sidiki Kaba had underlined that: “the Belt and Road Initiative … will bring opportunities for the development of all countries in the world. Senegal is willing to take an active role in it”.
In addition to having significant infrastructure plans for Senegal, including a trans-African highway running from Dakar to Djibouti, China recently concluded a range of deals in other West African countries: the Dakar-Bamako rail line under rehabilitation formed part of a larger set of deals signed between Mali and China, including an $8 billion railway link between landlocked Mali and the Guinean port of Conakry; and China is also building major dams in Guinea and Ivory Coast, the latter of which recently received a $7.5 billion Chinese commitment to invest in infrastructure.
Interestingly, the Indian PM Modi too has landed in Rwanda in order to compete China. Here again, India shall promise credit line but never deliver. Rwanda will feel the Indian heat better this time.
While India is losing its influence in South Asia gradually, China has overwhelmed this region and the recent case being its benevolent grant to Sri Lanka which is sure to increase the blood pressure of some perverted political pundits in Delhi.
While India exported a civil war in Sri Lanka that lasted for two decades plus and ravaged the island nation to almost a point of no return, then China has offered Sri Lanka a fresh grant of two billion yuan (US $ 295 million), as Beijing looks to expand its influence in the tiny island country off India’s southern tip. Nepal too imported civil war from India.
President Maithripala Sirisena, a partner in Beijing’s multi-country Belt and Road infrastructure push, made the announcement on Saturday at a ceremony marking the start of construction of a Chinese-funded kidney hospital in his home constituency of Polonnaruwa, 230 km (142.92 miles) from Colombo.
Look how the Sri Lankan President talks of the sudden Chinese grant assistance made to his country, in his own words, (sic), “When the Chinese ambassador visited my house to fix the date for this ceremony, he said that Chinese President Xi Jinping sent me another gift,” Sirisena told a gathering beamingly.
The Sri Lankan President says of President Xi, “He has gifted two billion yuan to be utilized for any project of my wish. I’m going to hand over a proposal to the Chinese ambassador to build houses in all the electorates in the country,” he added.
The grant offer comes at a time when a Chinese firm is facing heavy criticism for allegedly financing the last election campaign of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
All said and done, Sri Lanka is China’s trusted ally in South Asia besides Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.
India has baby Bhutan only and some Nepali corrupt Indo-pendent leaders. The nation as a whole considers China as a reliable partner. However, anti-China lobby has also become active much to the dismay of the Nepal government’s commitment to adhering to one China policy.
Chinese President Xi Jinping had started his first overseas trip agenda in 2018, which is expected to span from July 19 to 27 (already out of Beijing) and include attending the 10th BRICS summit. He is already in South Africa and by time this issue gets published in Kathmandu, the 10th BRICS Summit shall have come to an end wherein PM Modi will also have attended the meet.
On his way back to China, the Chinese president on his last leg will visit Mauritius, an island country off the southeast coast of the African continent, as his last stop.
This means Mauritius too shall maintain a distance with India and begin enjoying Chinese friendship.
Xi’s Middle East and African visit schedule has come amid heightened trade tensions between China and the US. Most of the visits have already been accomplished by time of this writing.
Much ahead of his visit to Senegal, Rwanda and South Africa, President Xi had visited the UAE to which PM Modi takes as a natural partner of India. Now perhaps it remains no longer Indian prerogative if it were at all. China has entered the UAE.
News agencies report that China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on July 20, 2018, decided to upgrade their bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership.
The decision was made as visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks here with UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
By lifting their ties, China and the UAE will strengthen their bilateral in-depth cooperation in various fields, and promote continuous development of bilateral ties on higher levels, in broader areas and at greater depths say news agencies including Xinhua.
Xi arrived the UAE on last Thursday, the first by a Chinese head of state in 29 years to the Arab state.
Thus China has approached in the vicinity of the Indian regime and has almost encircled India which has perhaps forced New Delhi to “educate” the regional leaders about the fake Chinese debt trap theory. This reminds of the string of pearls.
Pakistan though remains undeterred which will go to polls this Wednesday. Even if the election results are pending but yet practically all the political parties appear united as regards the CPEC mega projects. False rumors continue to spread from Delhi about China debt trap.
The CPEC matters for the Pakistani people:
The Diplomat dated July 24, 2018, writes very freshly that “Aiming to develop a “growth axis and development belt” between China and Pakistan, CPEC could involve investments of some $60 billion. The corridor connects Gwadar, in the southwestern province of Balochistan, to China’s Xinjiang region via a 2,700 kilometer route through the mountainous terrain of Gilgit-Baltistan in northernmost Pakistan.
The Diplomat further writes that for China’s and Pakistan’s foreign policies, the potential payoffs are clear. CPEC is a flagship project of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a geopolitical ambition to develop trade and infrastructure with over 60 economies across Eurasia, Africa, and beyond. For Islamabad, CPEC brings the hope of not only economic dividends but also potentially a geopolitical reconfiguration. Some Pakistani strategists believe deepening ties to China will offset rising U.S. diplomatic and economic pressure aimed at ending Islamabad’s support to Afghanistan- and India-oriented militant proxies.
So before winding up, needless to say that the nation has been pushed to an acute crisis. Dr. KC’s issue has now become a tool to destabilize this government with Chinese characteristic. Dr. KC’s concerns demands immediate attention by the government in order distance the threat that is likely to take its heavy toll if ignored. What is the harm in aligning with Dr. KC and his concerns which are perhaps for the betterment of the larger section of the fractured society? PM Oli must behave that is demanded of him. No arrogance. The Nepali Congress too should shun talking nonsense.
For the Road: We wish to quote to what Professor Bihari Krishna Shrestha says of PM Oli. Let’s listen from Mr. Shrestha himself. “Mr. Oli is now being seen as being blatantly authoritarian, in blind pursuit of his own selfish agenda. The list of such acts of commission and omission is already quite long. For instance, while the whole country is now in support of Dr. Govind KC in his demand for quality and accessible medical education, PM Oli has unabashedly gone back on the deal made by the government and has proposed a medical education bill that is aimed at allowing the affiliation of Man Mohan Memorial Medical College in which all his fellow politicians in erstwhile UML have allegedly invested vast sums of money. Other such acts of blatant indiscretion include premature release of murder convict, Bal Krishna Dhungel, ignoring the fast-unto-death quest for justice by Ganga Maya Adhikari for the murder of her son, declaring the Maitighar Mandala as no protest zone and so on. The list is long and all of them go on only to alienate the people from PM Oli and his “communist” government. (From Shrestha’s fresh article Saving Nepal’s Democracy from its “Democrats”. That’s all.

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