Friday , September 21 2018
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People’s Review in 28 years

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
It is our immense pleasure to inform our valued readers that from this week People’s Review has completed 27 years of its publication and has started its journey in 28 years.
There is a large crowd of media in the country, nevertheless, we have been able to show our strong presence among the readers along with our own identity. We had launched this Weekly when we saw foreign intervention in all sector; our political leaders, so-called intellectuals, academicians, bureaucracy, among others were found serving foreign powers for their pity interests. Our struggle against those elements who intended to weaken national sovereignty, national unity and national indivisibility is continue and we bag the support of a large force of patriotic people. The very patriotic people are the strength of this Weekly. Foreigners, specially, westerners have imposed the present constitution. It doesn’t suit us and we can never achieve prosperity and stability through this constitution, rather, it will destroy our identity, culture, tradition and religion. After the removal of Hindu state, we have witnessed cultural and religious interference; after adoption of federal structure, we have witnessed communal disputes and, more seriously, after removal of institution of monarchy, we have witnessed many monarchs who believe themselves above the law. A democracy cannot function without rule of law. Today, even partners of the 2006 April uprising have started to blame the present government enjoying two-thirds majority as autocratic.
To keep the motherland intact, indivisible and prosperous, without any delay, we should remove republicanism, secularism and federalism. This is not our single voice but we represent the voice of above 90 percent of the Nepalese population, whose voice has been suppressed by the present day rulers.
In past one year, we have been able to bring out 50 issues out of 52 weeks. With the encouragement from our readers at home and abroad, we have started Online News Monitoring Service updating news in a daily basis on our Website This has significantly increased our Website visitors at home and abroad.
Finally, we wish to extend hearty thanks to our valued readers for their encouragement, sympathy and support to us. Furthermore, we wish to extend our thanks to our valued advertisers and seek their continuous support in the days to come as well. We praise the entire team associated with us for their hard work to give a new height to the Weekly.

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