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Oli government faces strong criticism from opposition, public

By Our Reporter
Popularity of Prime Minister K. P. Sharma has eroded significantly over the months although he leads a government of a two-thirds majority. The criticism he has been facing in the parliament and the streets are testimony to this. However, he seems to be little bothered by his dwindling popularity.
Obviously, non-performance of the government has been responsible for falling popularity.  In five months after its formation, the government has not done any work that pleases the public. Instead, the government irritated public by taking a few wrong decisions and making moves which do not match the public aspirations.
Although two months ago the government was hailed for cracking down on the syndicate of the transport entrepreneurs, the syndicate is yet to be ended. Moreover, the rift between Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa and Transportation Minister Raghubir Mahaseth regarding syndicate has disappointed the people.
The controversial television interviews of Communication and Information Technology Minister Gokul Baskota and subsequent sacking of a journalist from NTV and of Tourism Minister Rabindra Adhikari also spoiled the image of the entire Council of Minister
The controversial and unnecessary decision to restrict protest at Maitighar Mandala further spoiled the image of the government. The Nepali Congress which was searching for an issue to launch protest against the government got an issue to parade in the streets against the decision of the government. The civil society which had played key role in the 2006 uprising has been taking to the street following the controversial restriction in protests. And finally the Supreme Court annulled the decision stating it was illegal. The government only faced a slap for its unnecessary act to impose ban on protest at Maitighar.
Moreover, the egoistic views of Prime Minister Oli against agitating Dr. Govinda KC and the controversial expressions of one Durga Prasai, the owner of B and C Hospital of Birtamod, against Dr KC has further eroded popularity of the government. PM Oli and CPN leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who were seen enjoying Marsi rice in Prasai’s home, want to allow Prasai to run medical college in his hospital ignoring Dr. KC. Everybody knows  Prasai has obscure past and he has no good image even in Birtamod. Still, PM Oli and Dahal have stood in his favour, which has only irritated people. When people in Kathmandu and elsewhere have been affected by dust and mud, price hike in the markets and poor construction works were waiting government interference to correct these anomalies, but the government has been working in favour of business people by altering the provisions of the Medical Education Ordinance and showing utter indifference to Dr KC. These anti-people activities will do no good to the government, it will only make the powerful government unpopular in masses. However, the PM and others close to him have forgotten this aspect, probably because of the immense power they are now enjoying.
PM Oli who was ignoring to address Dr KC’s demand was finally forced to form a committee to hold talks with Dr. KC.  He will probably be compelled to agree with Dr KC’s demand because the people are now with KC, the demonstration of women in Jumla supporting Dr KC also proves this.

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