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The only alternate to save nation

If Nepal can become prosperous without the institution of monarchy, there is no need to debate on the restoration of this institution, but if we feel that this institution is essential to safeguard Nepal’s sovereignty and independence, why should we hesitate from respecting and restoring this institution?
We have no doubts that former King Gyanendra is a patriotic personality. We have no doubts on his popularity among the people as we have seen crowds of locals wherever he has visited in many parts of the country. Today, when the nation is on the verge of collapse, the people have high expectations from the former King that the nation can be rescued under his guardianship. Of course, the century old institution of monarchy is still strong as people have strong belief towards the institution. Therefore, nobody else, except from former King Gyanendra can bring the derailed nation on a proper track. It is because, the former king is well aware of the reasons behind downfall of the nation and also, he has the vision to uplift the nation from the present stage. Another characteristic is that the then King has no prejudices against anybody and he has the capability to move forward all amicably. In such a situation, all the political parties, by respecting the former King’s true patriotic commitment, should accept and restore the institution of monarchy.
As the nation is passing through a very crucial phase, all the patriotic forces have to be united to give proper outlet to the nation. The reality of this country is that the nation without monarchy cannot survive as this country existed with the joint efforts of the king and people. The Ranas ruled the nation by keeping the king in a cage, although, they didn’t remove the institution as they were aware that without the institution, the nation cannot remain in power. The political leaders having much lesser knowledge and vision than the Rana rulers, dismissed the institution by deceiving not only the institution but also the people after the April uprising in 2006. Hence, even after the nation was declared a republic, the institution is still alive in the hearts of the people. The Nepali Congress gave up the BP Koirala’s ideology which was the sole existence for the party’s popularity, since then, not only the NC but the nation is also facing a huge crisis. To get rid of this crisis, the patriotic institution of monarchy and symbol of freedom and democracy, NC should move forward together and resort to their old ideology as seen by their founder leader BP Kpoirla of multi party democracy and institution of monarchy to move forward the nation.
Due to the geographical location of Nepal also, the King’s presence is essential in Nepal. Nepal, is like a yam between two giant nations. China and India, cannot maintain balance between themselves by being a republican nation like Nepal is now. Therefore, the only alternative left for us is to enhance democracy and national sovereignty by giving space to the institution of monarchy as well as recognizing Nepal again as a Hindu nation by developing consensus among all the forces.

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