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CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli addresses a mass assembly during the on-going Mechi-Mahakali Campaign at Nepalgunj of Banke district, on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Photo: RSS

How strong is Oli?

By Our Reporter
Today, KP Sharma Oli is a strong Prime Minister enjoying two-thirds majority in the parliament. In provinces also, except from No 2 province, all the provinces are under the leadership and domination of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). Therefore, Oli is the most powerful executive chief of the country as political history tells us. However, such a powerful government has not been able to take any bold steps even after assuming office for four months.
The Supreme Court and also the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority are running under the leadership of acting chiefs. In many places, including in New Delhi, the ambassadorial post has remained vacant for months. The government has not been able to fulfill these vacancies due to a delay in the formation of different committees, including the public hearing committee in the parliament. With the arrogance of having a two-thirds majority, CPN has tried to sideline the Nepali Congress, the main opposition party, due to which the formation of the committees has been delayed.
On the other hand, within the party also, many influential leaders have become dissatisfied from Oli’s act as an authoritarian leader.
Former influential leaders of the then UML, namely, Astalaxmi Shakya, Yubraj Gyawali, Ishwar Pokhrel, Ghanashyam Bhushal, Rabindra Adhikari, Gokarna Bista, Yogesh Bhattarai, among others, have felt humiliated from Olis’ behavior. The second generation leaders in the party are trying to develop a strong group to challenge Oli.
If Ishwor Pokhrel was elected as general secretary of the then UML, he would have shown non-cooperation to Oli, and the latter would have become very weak in the party because of this.
Already, there is dissatisfaction among the former UML leaders against Oli’s commitment to handover party chairmanship to Pushpakamal Dahal from the upcoming unification national convention of the unified party. They are of the view that the party leadership cannot be given to anybody without competing in the election. In the election, if the second generation leaders challenge the party leadership, it will become difficult for Oli to secure Dahal’s victory as the party chairman.

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  1. Nepal communist parties have not fully succeeded in fulfilling peoples desires. Though ‘ Prachanda ‘ had the opportunity to establish welfare state, he could not seize the situation and work for a new democratic Nepal. The political system has degenerated. The people of Nepal should once again come together to rejuvenate the system at the earliest. Mr. Oli has to adopt peoples friendly policies to stay in power