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Chaotic PM’s Secretariat

Kathmandu, 10 July: Four months have passed as Khadga Oli has assumed the office of the Prime Minister. No visible and people-centric works have been carried out in the past four months. For the cheap popularity the Cabinet Ministers float the issue of ending syndicate in the transportation sector and initiate biased action against foreign employment agents. Though Minister for Home

Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ taken forward the 33 Kg gold scam, his announcement to nab ‘big fishes’ in the parliament has bore no fruit, signaling his failure. Despite his instigation to builders and contractors, the general publics have planted paddy saplings along the Bauddha-Jorpati road. The hopes and trust that was laid upon PM Oli led government by the entire Nepali population all have been shattered. The government has become a matter of criticism within the party and beyond, reports Dristi vernacular weekly.

The Baluwatar source claims that such situation has emerged due to inability of handling PM’s Secretariat and lack of coordination. The Principal Adviser to the PM Bishnu Rimal is with the PM round the clock.  People aspiring to meet the Pm are not allowed by Rimal. He yells to parliamentarians and other party workers stating that his job was not to make arrangements with the PM .

Dristi further writes, “Rimal acts as if he’s shouldered the entire Prime Minister’s Office. The Chief of Army Staff and the Chief Secretary are compelled to brief him before they are supposed to brief the Prime Minister. He’s developed such a system that has not only annoyed and irritated MPs and other dignitaries of the party but also the Provincial leaders and party workers across the country. He’s assumed himself to be second powerful person after the Prime Minister. He acts on whim and does not coordinate with PM’s Secretariat. The Press Adviser to the Prime Minister Kundan Aryal is his Secretariat’s adviser. The appointment letter furnished to Aryal substantiates it well. All others appointed by the PM as his assistants and associates have become workless by Rimal.  Prime Minister Oli has been criticized from all walks of society because of Rimal. It was him who did not allow the delegation from the Nepal Medical Council to meet the PM wanting to discuss the issue of Dr KC. It was Rimal who commanded the arrest of Canada bound Nepal Sanskrit University Vice Chancellor from the airport and detained him in the garage. ”

Till the Eighth General Convention Rimal was a hardcore critic of leader Oli. He become close to Oli post Ninth General Convention. A trade-union activist turned politician Rimal is not suitable person to be the PM’s political adviser. What magic wand he has applied to appease the PM?”

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