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RAAW’s new strategy to split CPN

Kathmandu, 9 July: India’s intelligence agency Research and Analytical Wing (RAAW) is all set to review its Nepal policy, reports Sanghu vernacular weekly.

RAWW had played a key role in annexation of Sikkim and independence of Bangladesh. The initiation of People’s War and establishment of republic in Nepal too was spearheaded by of RAWW. It is well proved fact that RAAW had backed Prachad and was granted shelter in India. India did not arrest him during the People’s War despite Nepal Police shared the information that he was there. Instead India provided him a safe haven. India had orchestrated the 12-point pact between the warring Maosit and the major political parties of Nepal Nepali Congress and the then CPN-UML.

Sanghu further reports that all these landmark revolutions were possible at the behest of RAAW. It has adopted a new strategy to split the recently merged communist party and create a deep division between the leaders of the united Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), especially Prachand, as he has turned to be a hardcore supporter of China. If situation demands, RAAW will take account of those all those parties and individuals involved in the 12 point pact.

New agents being appointed

Having discovered that Nepal accommodated the maximum number of RAAW agents as part timers, the Modi government had terminated their service. Now it has deemed essential to reappoint those who had been relieved earlier. The main objective of such appointment in en masse is to break away the CPN. The intelligence source of Nepal claims that these days leaders of CPN are seen enjoying food and drinks with grey-hair and bald persons at the expensive hotels and bars of Durbarmarg.

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