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Oli receives memorandum before his Beijing sojourn

By Our Reporter Rastriya Jagaran Parishad has submitted a memorandum letter to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli drawing his attention on Nepal’s priority agendas before his departure to Beijing. Sadhya Bahadur Bhandari, coordinator of the Parishad, handed over the memorandum to PM Oli. It is stated in the memorandum letter, …

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Prices hike after the budget

Price Hike

By Our Reporter Businessmen of Nepal are expert in showing their profit-oriented nature by hiking the prices of essential commodities immediately after the tabulation of the budget. Although the budget comes into effect only from July 17, the scrupulous businessmen, shopkeepers and middlemen have increased the prices of food and …

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Valley receives muddy rains

By Our Reporter The Kathmandu Valley and many parts of Nepal received mud-mixed rains on Friday night. The denizens were shocked when they saw their roofs and flower plants covered with mud.  It was the first time they had seen mud falling from the sky with rainwater. However, meteorologists said …

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Strained India-China relations after SCO meet, game changer CPEC

NP Upadhya

BY N. P. UPADHYAYA Kathmandu: As was expected and believed, the Indian lobby in Kathmandu have suddenly become active and has begun talking, sorry to say, nonsense and absurd. Vilifying China has begun under instructions from above perhaps. Their target this time is definitely Nepal-China relations which is about to …

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Ruction on the right


BY MAILA BAJE While the left’s struggle to reconcile the lingering contradictions resulting from its enigmatic unity has grabbed much of our headlines, the right, too, finds itself in a complex contest to maintain relevance. The three Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) factions appear to understand the urgency of unity but …

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Recalling the kings and Panchayat days

Pushpa Raj Pradhan

By PR Pradhan After securing a two-thirds majority in the parliament, Pushpakamal Dahal, chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), has started to claim that the constitution should be amended and an executive presidential system should be introduced. According to some CPN sources, the two chairmen of the presently …

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We are at it again. Nepali intelligentsia and the media is as preoccupied as Prime Minister K.P. Oli who is at time of print on the return leg of his China visit in eulogizing the boons of Nepal-China relationships and in predicting—in predictably very partisan terms— the extent of Chinese …

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* Yemen: World’s Worst Humanitarian Disaster

Shashi P.B.B. Malla

BY SHASHI MALLA The complicated civil war in Yemen has now entered a decisive phase. A coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched an attack last week to oust Houthi rebels from Hodeidah (on the east coast), the gateway for most of Yemen’s aid and …

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Spice of Life


BY P. KHAREL Chic & charming To be cross-verified though, Oli at a CPN (UML) meeting prior to unification with the Maoists was asked by a senior leader to explain his encounter with former Crown Princess Himani at a hotel lobby in Bangkok. The comrade briefed his colleagues: “When I …

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BRI and the rise of the Chinese economic world order

BY ASIF AS the President of the United States has opened a newly formed void by withdrawing the US clutch in the international market, Chinese President on the other hand, is determined to fill the gap through the visionary initiative of One Belt and One Road (BRI). BRI is an …

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