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Parliament regulations endorsed

By Our Reporter
The ‘Joint Meeting of Federal Parliament (Work Procedure) Regulation, 2075’ has been endorsed.
A joint meeting of National Assembly and House of Representatives held on Friday endorsed regulation, paving the way for the formation of joint committees, which will further pave the way for parliamentary hearing of the officials appointed to the constitutional bodies.
President of the Joint Regulation Drafting Committee Krishna Bhakta Pokharel had proposed the Regulation for approval from the House.
President Pokharel had submitted the proposal with the amendments that the lawmakers had registered at the Drafting Committee.
The proposal with the amendments was passed following the clause-wise discussions.
Responding to queries raised on the contents of the regulations during the clause-wise discussion, Pokharel said that there was a provision of quorum in the regulations that was inserted learning from the past experiences.
The women lawmakers had demanded that the Committee be made inclusive and it should guarantee 33 per cent women’s participation.
On the occasion, lawmaker Prem Suwal suggested that quorum for the Committee should be three-fourths instead of 51 per cent to make the Committee active and participatory.
According to the regulations, the joint meeting shall be held for issuing the policy and programmes and annual budget of the federal government.
Similarly, any bill originated in the Upper House will be endorsed by the same House but will not be endorsed by the Lower House; a joint meeting of the two Houses shall be called to settle the dispute.
A joint meeting shall be called in case a bill that will be passed by the Lower House but is returned by the Upper House suggesting an amendment.
Similarly, an issue of the referendum will enter the two Houses in case there is a demand for the same. The proposal of the referendum will be passed after endorsing it by a two-thirds majority of the joint meeting of the two Houses.
In the absence of the Parliamentary Hearing Committee, hearing of the recommendation of Deepak Raj Joshi as the Chief Justice has not been held.
The Committee will have 15 members, 12 from the Lower House and three from the Upper House.

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