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Valley receives muddy rains

By Our Reporter
The Kathmandu Valley and many parts of Nepal received mud-mixed rains on Friday night. The denizens were shocked when they saw their roofs and flower plants covered with mud.  It was the first time they had seen mud falling from the sky with rainwater.
However, meteorologists said that yellowish mud-carrying rain that occurred Friday night in Nepal was nothing but ‘dust storm particles’ entered to Nepal from Rajasthan area of India.
Meteorologists have, however, warned that precaution should be adopted while using such type of water.
According to senior meteorologist Barun Paudel, there is nothing to be worried and surprised about such type of rain but such water should not be used and collected as such water might have contained carbon-carrying component from industrial areas of India and mud which may have chemical mix up.
He has suggested not to use and collect such water for any type of household purpose.
The phenomenon is mainly due to the impact of western wind as the eastern wind could not become so strong that cause rainfall in Nepal.
“This yellowish mud-carrying rain has mainly affected the major Tarai belts and some Hilly regions of Nepal including the capital,” meteorologist Paudel said.
Yellow-mud dust particles blown in Rajasthan, Delhi and west Uttar-Pradesh areas entered to western Nepal and arrived in central region from Friday night, Paudel said.
Another senior meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal said that probably this type of rain might be first in Nepal’s context of meteorology during the monsoon time. But this phenomena is considered as normal during the winter time in Tarai region as heavy dust particles frequently arrived in Nepal’s Tarai region.

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