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Deuba losing grip in NC

By Our Reporter
The national assembly of the Nepali Congress district presidents held in Hetauda became the venue for demonstrating strength for both establishment fiction and opposition fiction in the Nepali Congress. Different factions in the party were seen united against party president Sher Bahadur Deuba. They had put pressure Deuba for leadership change. However, Deuba stood strongly against the united opponents claiming that he would make the party strong as like in the past.
Meanwhile, as anti-establishment factions have become united in the party, Deuba has further become weak in the party. The defeat of his camp in the recently held election to the Trade Union Congress with a big margin shows his weakening position in the party.
Puskarnath Acharya from Krishna Sitaula camp was elected president by defeating Khilanath Dahal of Deuba camp. The clean-sweep by Ram Chandra Poudel and Sitaula camp in the trade Union Congress is anything to go by, party President  Deuba is losing his grip on the NC with rival factions registering victory in the general conventions of the sister organisations one after another. When the results of the Nepal Trade Union Congress election came out on Saturday, Deuba and his camp should have shocked  as he lost his grip on the NTUC, considered to be one of the strongest sister wings of the party.
The entire panel led by Pushkar Acharya, close to the rival faction, was victorious in the sixth general convention held in the Capital. While Acharya got 818 votes, his contender Dhakal got only 533. This is the third back to back defeat for the establishment faction. The rivals emerged victorious recently in the polls to elect new leadership of the teachers’ union and the engineers’ association. Though the engineers’ association does not influence the party line, NTUC and the teachers’ union are considered influential sister wings of the NC.
Immediately after facing defeat in the NTCU, Deuba is facing wrath from the presidents of the party’s district committees who have gathered in Hetauda from Tuesday. He is likely to draw criticism from district leaders due to the defeat of the party.  He is also likely to face pressure to hold early general convention in the assembly.

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