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Indian Patanjali brand ghee begins price war with Nepali products

Kathmandu, 19 June: Indian Patanjali brand is competing with the Nepali dairy products by selling its Patanjali brand ghee at low price, according to Sumit Kedia, local industrialist producing milk products.

Talking to Drishti vernacular weekly Kedia said that retail price of the same ghee in Indian market is 570 Indian currency, which is above 900 Nepali rupees but the ghee is available in the Nepali market at 800 rupees per kg.

“For months, local dairy products such as butter and ghee have not been sold as we are unable to reduce the price”, he said.

“If we will reduce the price, we will face loss. But how the Indian product is being sold at low price, we don’t know,” he said.

There is one possibility that such products are being imported by under invoicing the price at the Customs Office, he said.

Former chairman of the Nepal Dairy Association, Kedia said that there is no satisfactorily market for the agro-products in Nepal as the government has not given consideration on development of the agro-products.

In the meantime, there are rumours that the government is planning to invite Amul like Indian industries and if Amul will start business in Nepal, the entire Nepali dairy industries will be collapsed, Kedia said.

Foreign direct investment in agriculture sector is very much harmful, he observed and added, the government should never allow such FDI in agricultural sector.

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