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NAC to receive two aircrafts with different production numbers

By Our Reporter
In the commission game, the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has violated its own pre-conditions it had issued while calling a tender for the purchase of two wide-body aircrafts.
NAC has claimed that by 27 June it will receive its first wide-body Airbus 330-200 series aircraft and will start its first commercial flight to Dubai from 1 August.
How is the aircraft?:
Initially, the broker companies High Fly X of Ireland, AAR Corporation Inc. USA, High Fly Aerospace, Portugal and German Aviation Capital had expressed the commitment to provide two wide-body Airbus with production No 1845 and 1854. And NAC also made public the same production serial No of the aircrafts on its official Website.
But these aircrafts have already been sold to other parties. The Tibet Airlines is operating Airbus 330-200 series with production serial No 1845 since March this year.
The other aircraft with production serial No 1854 is being operated by Iberia Airlines of Spain.
When the NAC team visited Airbus manufacturing company in France, they had inspected the aircrafts assembled with production serial No 1872 and 1878. The NAC management has remained silent on this difference of the production serial numbers.
The present two aircraft assembled in the Airbus company have the capacity of carrying 230 Metric tons in total, whereas earlier, it was specified by NAC for bringing the two wide-body aircrafts having the capacity of carrying 242 Metric tons of cargo.
The newly brought Airbus by Tibet Airlines has the weight capacity of 242 Metric tons.
The aircraft having the capacity of 230 Metric tons will have the capacity of carrying only 230 metric tons, 12 metric tons less cargo than the previously booked aircrafts.
Accordingly, due to the less fuel carrying capacity, the aircraft cannot make direct flight to long destinations as well as they will make lesser revenue due to the lesser 12 metric tons cargo in each flight.

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