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Invite Indian army to teach a lesson to King Birendra

Bogus death threat to PM Modi, election stunt
Non-partisan Nepali population have now reasons to smile as the Indian establishment in the South has also been plagued with the Maoists threat which have been apparently fighting against injustice that has remained the hall mark of the Indian democracy born 1947.
Injustice is synonymous to India’s democracy that equals to mobocracy. Look at the plight of the minorities, the Dalits and add to it the agony of the Muslims living in India.
(Provided the news aired in the Indian media is not a bogus one as generally it is. Could be a shielding act by the overly paid media by the Modi clique? Never trust the Indian media. This is Nepali experience gained over several decades more so at times of the India imposed Blockades. Planted issues first).
Nepal has a bitter past that speaks of the forced birth of the Maoists insurgency in Nepal. The insurgents were being clandestinely (or in a planned manner) lifted to Delhi and provided with State security and the “Nepali revolutionaries” being told to pounce upon Nepal but concurrently assuring the host country not to damage its security interests.
Ask the ailing Atal Behari Bajpayee. It was his tenure as Indian PM the Nepali Maoists had taken shelter in New Delhi which was extended by the Indian congress regime later until the rule across the border annihilated the ancient Nepal-our pride that it was.   Ambassadors S. S Mukherjee, Shyam Saran and Rakesh Sood were very close to the Nepal Maoists so by implication these fatigued undiplomatic diplomats must have grand links with the Indian Maoists. They should be interrogated first if threat to Modi is real.
It remains no longer a secret now that the Nepal’s Maoist’s People’s war was the brainchild of the Indian establishment and thus it was logical that such a party must be granted asylum in Delhi and awarded special care as long as Delhi settled its score with Nepal. And this is exactly what had happened. New Delhi extracted all the desired political benefits by utilizing the Nepal Maoist’s overly stretched stay in Delhi and brought Nepal to this pathetic state that it is now. Yet some insane Nepali brains do not see the Indian complicity in pushing Nepal to this ruined state that it stands today. India thus ruined Nepal. Let’s admit this fact. Shyam Saran knows better how he damaged Nepal.
Ignore the South “paid” brains. Poltu dada and SD Muni perhaps possess enough knowledge about the Nepal Maoists.
With the Old institutions gone, Nepal certainly has become like a parentless country that the meticulously drafted 12 point agreement (first flow was in Hindi later translated in Nepali language) which made the former rebels (but India’s guests that they were in effect) a formidable force to be reckoned with in Nepal’s power corridors. The Maoists upon their grand entrance in Nepal from New Delhi shelter twisted the national politics the way they desired. The former rebels enjoyed the political backing of New Delhi for a longer time through Sitaram Yechury, the political nonentity in India and presumably the present day chum of the Indian Maoists. He must have some links with the Indian Maoists so he should be interrogated by the concerned agencies in India if the threat to Modi is real.
The foot path Indian communist leader Sitaram Yechury was tentatively the Nepal President, the manner he was received in Nepal by the India nursed leaders who brought the imposed change of 2006 by sending the Nepal King to the jungles. Just recall with cool mind as to how this Indian aggressor was greeted by the Nepali ad hoc parliament. It was this King revived Parliament that kicked the King himself out from the political scene as per the alien orders. KP Sitaula and his intimate colleagues had taken the initiative in the “Nepal destruction campaign then”. The drive continues yet. Indian Ambassador Puri is looking after the Nepali affairs very sincerely.
If Yechury was in the forefront then behind the scene was Mr. Shyam Saran, the then Indian Foreign Secretary. Yechury is hated in Nepal since then.
The Indian establishment “used” late Girija Prasad Koirala as an “effective tool” to dismantle Nepal to the hilt. However, late Koirala was clever enough to bring on board the political leaders belonging to several other camps in assisting the friend in the South.
The South benefited from such an alliances which made easier it’s corrode Nepal moves fast as desired.
Senior Koirala was the daddy of them all in insulting his own nation the India desired way. He had been seduced by Chairman Prachanda that Koirala would be declared the first Nepal President at a later stage. However, this did not happen. He was duped and left for his heavenly abode later. (Rest in peace).
While the Nepalese nationals, read the then political animals who had gathered or say summoned by Delhi and instantly indoctrinated with Nehru’s coercive formulae contributed immensely in harming their own mother land, India enjoyed and watched the neighbor being fractured. Nepal’s decay begun in earnest.
Thanks Nepali leaders acted like Bhivhisan, the younger brother of King Ravan, by siding with BJP in the initial days of the “people’s war” and later which was provided continuity by the Indian Congress regime under the command of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and the name sake Prime Minister being the “Indian Congress parrot” Dr. MM Singh-though a senior economist in his own right.
The climax: Royal institution was sent to the Nagarjun jungles and the nation being declared a secular state with federal characteristics. And those who were in the Rolpa-Noida-Delhi concrete jungle(s) were in Kathmandu to steer the nation. However, the central command lay in Delhi. The pride of the Nepali flag lowered and the Indian banner fluttered in the minds of the new rulers of Nepal which meant that they have had to run Nepal as a protectorate keeping Indian interests supreme a la baby Bhutan. Shame on us all.
Virtually, the politics went to the firm grip of the Indian establishment since then and with Modi as Indian PM, Nepal continues to pay the Medanta Hospital debts, if Nepal’s intelligent brains recall. Nepal’s natural resources have all been pocketed by the Goliath one by one.
Bids are afoot to pocket the rest, left if any.
Though to some extent PM Oli has tried to keep both China and India at an equal distance but yet the say of the Indians in Nepali politics is increasing. Admit this fact.  Oli, to recall, has been still paying the Medanta Hospital debt for reasons known to us all. A Hindu by birth has to pay the price of the salt. But yet Oli talks at times of “fading” Nepali nationalism.
Prakash Koirala recently said that PM Oli is a nationalist by “default”.
All said and done, let’s concentrate on the main topic of discussion today.
Recently in India, there is a rumor that PM Modi has become the target of the Indian Maoists.
Commenting on the Maoists-Indian, Arun jaitley, the finance minister says, “the “half-Maoists is a serious threat to Indian democracy. Willingly or the otherwise, they became over-ground face of the underground. Unfortunately some political parties see the Maoists as their Instrument in the anti-NDA cause. It is time that people recognize this malaise”.
Reading Jaitley’s remarks, observers in Nepal wish to remind this matured Indian leader as to how the Nepali rulers might have taken the Indian establishment which had awarded State shelter to the Nepal Maoists in Delhi in order to create problems in Nepal?
Mr. Jaitley should recall these events and then only should make any comments as regards the Indian Maoists.
He should feel that the way the Indian Maoists have become a security threat to India at present, so were the Delhi sheltered Maoists for Nepal. Isn’t it? So why Jaitley and his ilk were silent then? Simply because he too preferred the annihilation of Nepal. Perhaps yes. Jaitely or Ketley, all belong to the same flock.
In yet another threat loaded statement from a fundamentalist Hindu, Home Minister on June 8, 2018, has said of the Indian Maoists, “Maoists are fighting lost battle, end near”.
This gentleman too knew of the fact that Nepal had been living under the threat of continued violence from the Delhi sheltered Maoists, then he too should have sympathized with Nepal and urged the Indian Congress led government to help save Nepal from the menace of the Maoists then living in Delhi? However, he did not. But why? The answer is simple, not even a single Indian national wishes to see a sovereign and developed Nepal. They just wish to see a Nepal that obeys to the dictates of India like Bhutan. Disgusting attitude.
The Pune Police last Thursday claimed to have seized an email, from one of the five people arrested, which hinted at plans to assassinate PM Modi in another “Rajiv Gandhi” type incident”, by “targeting his road shows”.
While reacting to the report, the Indian Congress had earlier said that such stories are planted each time the Modi’s popularity took a hit. “I am not saying this is completely untrue but it has been PM Modi’s old tactic since he was Chief Minister. Whenever his popularity declines news of an assassination plot is planted. So it should be probed how much truth is in it this time”, Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam recently said.
The (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Sunday said that the threat letter which was seized “did not have any substance” and was merely being used to “garner people’s sympathy”.
“From the outset it has been clear that the Modi team has been somewhat thin on talent. In trying to ensure his own primacy, he kept out experienced BJP leaders like Yashwant Sinh, Arun Shourie and BC Khanduri from the council of ministers. Instead he promoted rookies like Smriti Irani and Nirmala Sitharaman too reveals way beyond their experience and competence”, so writes Manoj Joshi, an observer of the Research Foundation, New Delhi.
It appears that PM Modi shall ever remain a chaiwala that he initially was. (See Shyam Rangeela in You Tube and enjoy).
Reading all these, what comes to our mind is that India at present being ruled by a brainless person who prefers to visit foreign countries a lot and work less for his own country. And at times he plays foul games with his own population and claims that his life was under threat from the home grown Maoists.
Mohan Baidya Kiran Pokhrel and Biplab Netra Bikram Chand are thus suggested to provide adequate shelter to the Indian Maoists in Nepal much the same way as had been the case of Nepali Maoists in Delhi.
After all the Maoists of Nepal and the Maoists from India were the same having the same name tag. The Indian Maoists are most welcome in Nepal for shelter if they so desire.
Nepal must reciprocate the feelings what India had exhibited for our Maoists.
As a senior and disciplined leader, Mohan Baidya would do well if he grants his tacit helps to his Indian comrade in arms.
Senior Indian leaders take the Maoists threat to Modi as a fraud of the highest order in order to guarantee sympathy from the innocent Indian population at time of the next parliamentary election to be held in 2019. The “Grand reduction sale media” is supporting Modi, claim even high placed Indian Congress leaders.
Modi has definitely lost his political credentials not only inside his own country, but he is being taken as a fraudulent political persona in the entire South Asian region, more so in Nepal.
Modi said any mega connectivity project must respect sovereignty and territorial integrity.
India was the only country in the eight-nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization on June 10 which refused to endorse China’s Belt and Road Initiative for which Beijing has signed pacts with nearly 80 countries and international organizations.
A declaration issued at the end of the two-day summit of the SCO said Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have “reaffirming their support for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)” of China.
“The Member States express appreciation for the joint efforts taken towards its implementation, including efforts to coordinate the development of the Eurasian Economic Union and the BRI and call for using the potential of the regional countries, international organizations and multilateral associations to create a broad, open, mutually beneficial and equal partnership in the SCO space,” it said.
In his address at the Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an oblique reference to the BRI, said any mega connectivity project must respect sovereignty and territorial integrity and assured India’s full support to initiatives which ensures inclusivity.
This perhaps best explains that China and India have yet to reconcile with each other.
Perhaps this also indicates that should the differences increase, China may teach a lesson to India of the sort of 1962. Doklam was a mere rehearsal indeed.
The points that PM Modi has raised at the SCO meet has first to be honored by India itself. Has it honored Nepal’s sovereignty? Has not this country undermined Nepali integrity? Thus no right India possesses to demand the same respect and honor from other to which she never has complied with. Let India play football alone with Bhutan.
The Russian Federation and China have now cemented their ties for long time to come. President Trump created scene at the G-7 meet held in Canada and demanded that Russia be included and in the process, the Canadian PM perhaps was hurt.
Analyzing all these, what could be fairly said that China-Russia friendship shall dominate the political scene for long? The Central Asian Republics have expressed their desire to join the CPEC which means Pakistan along with the countries engaged in the CPEC scheme shall benefit immensely.
China knows as how to tame the erratic Indian establishment. That’s all.
For the Road: The RPP-N Chairman Mr. Kamal Thapa has said, “our country must have sound and meaningful relations with China”.
He also hinted that dependence on a single country at times create problems and thus ties with China has to be developed.
Mr. Thapa made these observations while making a lecture at a talkathon organized the other day by the Madan Memorial Foundation in Kathmandu.
Notably, Thapa enjoys cordial ties with the Indian PM Modi so his fresh speech eulogizing China should be taken cautiously. Yet he has spoken the truth.
Eid Mubarak Muslim friends both within and without.

(Telegraph Nepal

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  1. Mr Upadhyay is sickening in his bias against India. For everything he is blaming Indian hand in Nepal and has generalised in such a cheap manner, i wonder if he is an impartial journalist or just a mad cap. Indian Media is a huge body, for example. It has several camps that have totally different stands on different issues but he has condemned the entire Indian media – Says, ” never trust Indian media.”
    i would like to submit that there are a large number of people in India who love Nepal and its people. I am one of them and I am also a journalist. People like r Upadhyay are spreading poison between the two countries in order to grind their own interests.