Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Airport politics

By Our Reporter
The newly elected people’s representatives have given priority on construction of airports in their electoral constituencies. They have not conducted any cost-benefit analysis and other logistics in the operation of such airports. There is a kind of competition in constructing airports in different districts. With the political pressure, the Baglung airport resumed flights after decades. When the two airlines operating scheduled flights to Baglung airport with the condition of them receiving subsidies if they fly without full capacity, the local body had to pay five hundred thousand rupees¬† to the airlines in one month. Powerful political leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara is putting pressure to the Nepal Airlines to resume flights from Dang to Kathmandu. Test flights are being conducted to the newly constructed airports in different parts of the country. Millions of rupees were spent while constructing these airports but most of them are not economically viable for operating commercial flights. It is sure that such investments from the government coffers are being wasted. It is a good thing to have airports in all parts of a country like Nepal with few roads, but better homework has to be done to benefit both the airlines that operate to remote places and also for the people to enjoy such a convenience.

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