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Oli a “setting sun”

By Our Reporter
After unification between UML and Maoist Center followed by joining the government by Federal Socialist Forum led by Upendra Yadav, the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has emerged as the powerful government ensuring two-thirds majority in the parliament and PM Oli is seen most powerful executive chief of the government.
Inside the party also, Oli is a strong leader as he has been able to sideline his opponents including JN Khanal, Bamdev Gautam, elected general secretary Ishwor Pokhrel and other new generation influential leaders Ghanashyam Bhushal, Yogesh Bhattarai among others.
Oli has promoted his kitchen cabinet member Bishnu Poudel as the general secretary and it is believed that Poudel is the next general secretary after the unification national convention.
Oli has given words to Pushpakamal Dahal to support him to the post of party chairman in the upcoming unification national convention. On the other hand, Madhab Nepal has already started his preparation to contest the party election to the post of chairman. Nepal believes that as Oli has given words to Dahal, he will not contest the party election and even if Oli will support to Dahal, Nepal can easily win the election.
Dahal is the weak leader in the party as he holds no grip among the former UML cadres. Without support from Oli, Dahal is no more.
Nevertheless, the Delhi Durwar is cooking something else, according to a highly placed source. Delhi has felt that Dahal and Nepal are not harmful to India. Therefore, Delhi is maintaining “wait and see” strategy on Oli’s attitude towards India. Meanwhile, Delhi plans to develop strong anti-Oli group within CPN comprised of Nepal, Dahal, Khanal and other unhappy leaders in the party.
Be that as it may, Oli has given assurance to Dahal for handing over PM’s post to Dahal after the unification national convention and also supporting Dahal to the post of party chairman. Therefore, Oli’s political tenure has left until the unification national convention and thus he is a setting sun, say UML closed political analysts.

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