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End the brutal repression of Kashmiri people!

NP Upadhya

BY N. P. UPADHYAYA India and Pakistan are declared enemies since the very first days of partition 1947. However, despite of their animosity of the highest order, the cultural affinity in between the two “separate nations” too is unimaginable. Their dresses, languages they speak, the manner they talk and the …

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A hundred days of incertitude


BY MAILA BAJE However you want to score the first 100 days of Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli’s second government, you have to admit that the man has not lost his capacity to confound us. Those measuring Oli’s government against his specific election promises will understandably be disappointed. What should …

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A dead Valley

Pushpa Raj Pradhan

By PR Pradhan Kathmandu Valley is an ancient city which has a rich culture and religious heritages. It is needless to describe the glorious history of the Valley, unfortunately, in the name of modernization and continuous human encroachment, we have destroyed this nature gifted City and the beautiful gifts it …

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The Republic


Prime Minister K.P. Oli has done the country a good turn. He has unwittingly set a moratorium on the republic. By telling his people that he intends to invite the former king he and the prevalent system ousted twelve years ago in order to establish the republic to participate in …

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*South Korea’s Moon salvages Trump-Kim Summit

Shashi P.B.B. Malla

*Resurgence in Germany Foreign Policy BY SHASHI MALLA After suddenly axing the proposed US-North Korea summit, US President Donald Trump said last Saturday he was (now) still looking at a June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore. “We’re doing very well in terms of the …

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Fiends on the Prowl


BY P. KHAREL When the Central Bureau of Investigation arrested former United Nations staff Peter John Dalglish, a 60-year-old Canadian national at Kavre Palanchowk in April, it once again brought into focus the need for a close watch list of also pedophiles on the prowl in Nepal. Dalglish supported rural …

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China should eye opportunities in South Asia

It is five years ago that the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) was launched. What has one of China’s most celebrated initiatives achieved in Southeast and South Asia? How should China deal with the hurdles when implementing the BRI in these regions? Global Times collected the opinion of three experts …

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Indian secularism under threat: from Ahimsa to Himsa

BY JAMES THE fundamental goal of Buddhism is peace, not only in this world but in all the worlds. The Hindu philosophy of war and peace can be seen in sacred Hindu texts such as the Vedas, The Law of Manu and the Bhaghavad Ghita. In Hinduism, violence is always …

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Learning from progress of China


BY KIRAN IN today’s changing world, the application of cutting-edge technology is fast transforming the governing pattern. The growing role of social media and government websites has also influenced ways of acquiring day-to-day knowledge about the progress of the government’s activities. Embracing the change, the Chinese government led by President …

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Sri Lankan food festival starts in Hotel Yak and Yeti


By Our Reporter With an aim to  introduce the Sri Lankan cuisine to Nepal, which comprises of various curry concoctions, sea food and variety of dishes that are popular across the globe, Sri Lankan food festival has kicked off in  capital last week. The week-long event is being hosted at …

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