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MPs absent in Parliament lambasted

Kathmandu, 25May : The elected members of the Federal House of Representative who remained absent during the deliberations and discussions on Thursday are criticized by the people.

Many media of today have raised this issue and have reported that the MPs just turned up at the parliament for attendance that brings them allowances. Such act of MP was even criticized by the Speaker.

Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara has drawn the attention of the House of Representatives to the low attendance of lawmakers in the House sessions.
The Speaker raised this issue in the meeting of the House of Representatives today as the parliament continues discussions on the government’s policies and programmes, saying some newspapers have brought out the topic of lawmakers’ low turnout in the parliamentary deliberations.
He also called for the government’s representative to be present in time in the House of Representatives whenever it is having discussions, adding that the presence of the government’s representative has been felt in starting today’s House session in time.
He also drew the attention of the MPs putting their views on the policies and programmes to do so within the allotted time.
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