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Local representatives fail to deliver

By Our Reporter
It has already been a year since the elected representatives assumed their offices in the local levels. But the people have not felt their presence as they have failed to deliver as expected by the people. Several factors contribute to the lackluster performance of the local bodies in the first year with structural errors and corruption being major.
Good governance was the main slogan during the local polls. When the people who had witnessed the thriving corruption in the local levels in absence of elected representatives for 15 years, had expected that corruption would end once the elected representatives assumed the office. But it went otherwise. Corruption thrived further. Elected representatives started bargaining for pay and perks. They demanded motors and other facilities. Many of the local levels spent the budget allocated to them by the government to purchase motorcycles and cars for the elected representatives. Moreover, many of the chiefs of the local levels started accepting money from the local levels by giving their excavators and others to the local levels in rent.
Although it was said that the power of Singh Durbar would reach the remote villages after the local polls, corruption was quicker than Singh Durbar to reach the local levels. People have already started complaining about the increasing cases of corruption in the local levels.
Similarly, legal uncertainty and lack of budget also prevented them from showing their works in a year. Legal confusion has invited confrontation between the elected representatives and the civil servants. When some local levels started exercising their power like transferring school teachers, their acts drew flaks. Even some of the local bodies fail to provide pay to teachers and health workers in time.
Moreover, many of the local levels are running without adequate staff. Several of them have no office buildings. The civil servants are hesitating to go to the local levels and the local levels are unable to appoint manpower. This has also affected their performance. Unless clear laws on local levels and their rights are formulated and the elected representatives are given training, the local levels may not be able to function as envisaged by the Constitution and as per the people’s aspirations.

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