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China made aircraft grounded intentionally

By Our Reporter
The present Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) management, which has been making big boasts for giving a new height to NAC by improving its services and expanding its flights, has grounded three Y-12 and one MA-60 aircraft for a long time, giving the reason of scarcity of pilots for flying these aircraft made in China.
NAC has introduced six aircraft made in China – four Y-12 (17 seats) and two MA-60 (56 seats). Out of the six aircraft, one Y 12 and one MA 60 were gifted by the Chinese government to Nepal, whereas, the remaining four aircraft were brought under a subsidized loan plan.
However, the NAC management, which is under strong influence from some European aircraft manufacturers, is trying to prove that the Chinese aircraft are not commercially viable. Currently, the China made aircraft are grounded saying that there were not enough pilots to fly these aircraft.
These aircraft did not arrive overnight. Why didn’t the NAC management provide training to its pilots to fly these aircraft, this is a burning question.
By keeping grounded brand new aircraft, the NAC management has developed a plan for purchasing six Twin Otter aircrafts due to the attraction of hefty amount of commission that the management will receive.
It makes clear that the present NAC management led by Sugatratna Kangsakar is keen on commission only rather than introducing an effective management.
Not to forget, in the previous edition of the People’s Review, we had reported that NAC, instead of purchasing two wide-body aircrafts from Airbus Company directly, has created three broker companies to over-invoice above 5 billion rupees in the purchase of the two Airbus aircrafts.
Where to fly?:
According to NAC management, the first wide-body Airbus aircraft is scheduled to land at TIA on 27 June. But to which destinations the aircraft will be flying, it has not been confirmed. As Nepal is still blacklisted by the EU civil aviation, the aircraft cannot fly in the European skies. Following the EU suspension, Japan and South Korea also have not allowed permission for NAC aircrafts to fly in their skies.

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