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Hindu nation with monarchy a must: Kamal Thapa

Kathmandu, 18 May: Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) chairman Kamal Thapa has said that if youths will move forward in an organised way, party can achieve its political agendas.

According to Nepal Samacharpatra daily, addressing a workshop organised by Rastriya Prajatantrik Yuba Sangathan on “Party’s position at present context and role of youths” in Kathmandu, Thapa said that in 2006, in the name of change, those who claim to be the actors for change have introduced deformation by replacing traditional values and assumptions, from which the nation is facing present fate.

Thapa, recalling contributions of kings Tribhuvan, Mahendra and Birendra for development of Nepal, those who claim to be the actors of change are dancing to the tune of foreigners, therefore, the nation cannot move forward in proper track.

In the name of “people’s war” and also due to heavy exploitation from big parties, nation’s industries were destroyed, in result, 547 thousand people have been compelled to go abroad for dirty jobs.

To stop youths from going for foreign job, industries have to be established within the country, and thus, significance of restoration of Hindu nation and institution of monarchy has increased, Thapa said.

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