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Guardianless Nepal againduped by Indian PM Modi

Indian PM Modi’s fresh visit to Nepal has exposed many a Nepali nationals, political parties and some of the prominent leaders of Nepal.
The leaders and the political parties that were considered as pro-India for having supported the Indian blockade imposed on Nepal have suddenly become ultra nationalist and those who vehemently opposed the obstruction then and took the Indian step as a crime on Nepal have been dubbed as pro-Indian and awarded with the distinction of being a submissive political force which handed over the Nepali pride and honor to the mercy of the Indian establishment.
Nepali politics thus has been revolving around New Delhi since the grand escapade of King Tribhuvan to New Delhi when he was seduced by then Indian Prime Minister Pundit JN Nehru.
The Nehru doctrine thus continues to gag Nepal even as of today. Modi came for a day or two and gagged Nepal as much as he could and PM Oli yielded to his silent “dictates and sermons”.
The impact of those sermons will be made public time permitting hopefully. The UML and the Maoists center unification has been distanced for a while. The first visible impact of One-on-One meet of Modi and Oli.
Criticisms or for that matter the otherwise were the beauty of democratic system and the people have been in a very puzzling manner enjoying the entire phenomenon with a hope as to what would happen next?
The Nepali Congress and its leaders who remained tight lipped and even preferred not to take the blockade as an obstruction imposed on Nepal by India have now begun talking that the self-declared nationalists of the blockade days finally have had to submit themselves to the mercy of the Indian ruler PM Modi while the latter visited Nepal.
Naturally the NC men have now directed their guns towards the UML-the party which dared to challenge the Indian threat at time of the great economic blockade that it had been for all along six months plus. But thanks the valiant Nepalese braved this Indian cruelty smilingly.
The ruling UML party this time under PM KP Oli appeared more than excited in greeting his Indian counterpart PM Modi all along his Nepal visit beginning from Janakpur to Muktinath via Kathmandu in a manner that gave an impression at times that Nepal had already become a protectorate of India and that the domestic politics of Nepal has gone more into the hands of the Indian regime after the most humiliating 12 Point agreement so cleverly drafted by Delhi then in 20005-6 which weakened this nation to the extent that Nepal is obliged to invite the Indian PM on the latter’s preferred dates, time and the visiting one would guide the places of interests he or she wants to visit inside Nepal. The reward of the newly adopted Republican order imposed on Nepal by India playing dirty games that time of the political unrest which had the Indian backing clearly.
The much hyped change did away with the entire old and revered institutions of Nepal, if one were to recall.
Modi landed in Janakpur as if he was landing in Karnataka or Kolkata. The Indian army and black cats from India had inundated Nepal prior to Modi’s landing in Janakpur. Some are still inside Nepal and the likelihood remains of their permanent stay here in Nepal. This doesn’t include the Indian undercover agents who may have come here to assess the Chinese influence in Nepal.
India even now controls Nepal in the conduct of her foreign policy issues. It was reported that Nepal PM Oli did not take part in BOAO conference in China simply because he was invited by Delhi at the same time so that Nepal could not get a chance to come closer to China. It was an Indian design to abort Nepal’s attending to the BOAO conference that was being held in Henan province of China. And Nepal PM Oli complied as an obedient student of teacher Modi and preferred to meet Modi instead of President Xi Jinping. The entire game plan was to keep Nepal at a comfortable distance with China. Nepal PM Oli understands this Indian act of cheat and deceit but remains helpless for some mysterious reasons.
Thanks PM Oli is shortly visiting China. This is good news.
Nepal PM KP Oli did all in order to keep PM Modi in good stead during his two day stay in Nepal perhaps fearing that any lapses made in welcoming the guest may invite the same wrath freshly braved by the entire population at time of the heinous blockade.
As if this were not enough, it was during Indian PM’s visit to Janakpur, the national flag was shown deliberately in a deformed state to the visiting guest by our own nationals having love and honor for India, born 1947. In addition, the Chief Minister of the province which greeted first the Indian guest ventilated his ire against his own motherland and sought helps from PM Modi to impress upon Nepal government to do away with the discriminatory practices being exercised by his own government against the people of Nepal’s Madhesh.
A clever Indian PM Modi remained tight lipped and listened to the CM’s plea as if he had nothing to do with such grievances that were not of his own nationals. But the fact is that Indian PM Modi is definitely a party to the entire Madhesh imbroglio that came to the fore when he mercilessly imposed economic blockade on Nepal and pressed Nepal government to listen to the Madhesi grievances. PM Modi can’t escape this allegation.
Ask Jay Shanker who had landed in Nepal with Modi’s coercive message that the promulgation of the new Nepal Constitution be shifted for some time to come or face the music. The Nepali establishment did not care Modi’s threats. The Constitution was announced in Nepal ignoring Modi’s directives and thus the unexpected blockade was imposed on Nepal as a penalty for having dared to ignore the Indian prescriptions.
CM Raut begged helps from such a person whose nation, India, is famous these days for rape of the minors.
In an appalling case, an eight year old Muslim girl was recently gang-raped and later murdered in Northern India. Some local BJP leaders took part in marches and rallies in support of the accused killers, who were Hindus. Yet Mr. India was slow to speak out. The case prompted 49 civil servants to write an open letter to the Prime Minister, accusing him of fomenting a “frightening climate of hate, fear and viciousness in India”, adding that “post-Independence India, this is our darkest hour”.
Off and on media reports the condition and misery of minorities living in India. In past incidents like forced conversions to Hinduism with a name of program as Ghar Wapsi, was to counter Love Jihad campaign, inhumane treatment with Dalits considering them as the worst class in India, ban on cow slaughter, killing many Muslims in the name of religion and false allegations of eating beef. So, there is much sectarian hatred in India which is often portrayed in forms of violence and brutality. The extremist organizations are promoting saffronization of India by brain washing youth mind-sets such as making compulsory education of Geeta, Maha Bharat and Hindu literature for Muslims in educational institutions. In past according to report released by Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission immoderations against religious minorities in India is a continuous marvel by using violence and disavowal of constitutional rights as the main tricks by Hindu extremists.
Thanks Nepal though is a Hindu State population wise, secular as per the constitution now in force but yet Hindu fanaticism is not inside Nepal as it exists in the present day India under PM Modi. .
CM Raut, a Muslim himself, would have done well had he raised this issue in front of Modi and asked as to why Muslim girls are being calculatedly raped and murdered by the Hindu fanatics in Modi’s India?
However, CM Raut preferred to pounce upon his own motherland which gave him name and fame both.
The Indian military men who had entered into Nepal at time of Modi’s visit have not yet returned back to their country. In addition, the Indian Choppers that entered the Nepali territories, more so to the Mustang area very close to China border, have not yet returned to their camps in India and high placed sources claim that the delayed stay of those Indian Choppers bode ill for the security of China. The Indian Helicopters are equipped with sophisticated cameras and radars. It is any body’s guess as to why these aircrafts have been grounded in the area which adjoins the Chinese border. Tibet is on the other side.
The Indian choppers are stationed in Mustang area where three high flying Indian spies very recently visited and took several photographs that in the long run pose serious security threats to the Chinese regime.
These Indian spies, we have been told, had served at the Indian embassy in Nepal in the past. The details are yet to come to the knowledge of the analysts in Nepal.
The Indian spies in civil dress had been loitering around all the possible corners of the country whose sole aim was perhaps to get the knowledge of the prevailing Chinese impact in Nepal and then later to devise schemes on how to curb Beijing’s influence in Nepal.
But the Chinese are here to stay in Nepal for long time to come.
Perhaps a new set of Nepali nationals, media men included, with pro-India leanings will be in place to inform New Delhi or for that matter the RAW men in Kathmandu on the very activities of the Chinese in Nepal. The Indian hidden motive behind such act needs no further explanations.
PM Oli as a mark of love and respect to the country which saved his life by arranging Medanta Hospital free Kidney treatment handed over the Nepali River Arun-3 to be harnessed by the Indian establishment which local experts say that the benefits to Nepal from the said project is nothing more than the talk that the project as such had its location in Nepal.
All put together, Modi used his Nepal trip to his Karnataka election benefits and made a fool of the entire Nepali establishment and its rulers.
That PM Oli continues to be a pro-Indian Nepali leader since the Mahakali Treaty ratification days got proved through his fresh acts exhibited so clearly this time in the course of Indian PM Modi’s visit to Nepal.
That he is not, if he wants to prove it just the otherwise, then he has to “balance” his pro-India stamped label by making a meaningful trip to the Northern neighbor China at the earliest.
However, the Choppers and the Indian spies that have stayed in Mustang area to collect security related information of China must be sent back at the earliest or else China has abundant reasons to suspect the very loyalty of Nepal PM Oli towards Beijing.
Both words and deeds must match.
Reports have it that Nepal very soon is to sign some energy related agreements with China during PM Oli’s impending visit to Beijing.
Many more agreements remain in the pipeline awaiting PM Oli’s arrival in China, it is widely talked and believed.
It would be advisable for Nepal PM Oli to convince the Chinese leadership to link Nepali landmass with the adjoining Tibetan region. If this happens then Nepal can export its products to the Tibetan markets for which road connectivity is a must and for that the Chinese assistance is more than necessary. As a reliable and trusted friend, China perhaps would be more than willing to help Nepal as the former understands well that a whimsical Indian regime may impose a fresh blockade on Nepal should Nepal ignore or brush aside the Indian orders on a particular issue that did not ensure the Indian security interests.
A Communist china may listen such a plea coming as it would be from yet another Communist regime in neighboring Nepal.
The REDS must unite the world over, so read slogans the world over in the not so distant past.
China may have in its inner mind for having a communist regime in Nepal with Chinese characteristics. Proliferation of Communist rule in South Asia is what the Chinese may have in its inner mind.
The UML and its coalition partner, the Maoists center, both are diehard communists. However, the Nepalese communists will take some comfortable time to copy the Chinese characteristics but yet time permitting fall in tune with what has been in the immediate neighborhood in the north. India will then have to bear the brunt of the communist regime in the North. However, it will take some time indeed. Yet champions of democracy around the world need to mull over the happening of this RED phenomenon in Nepal. Politics is the art of the possible, it is said.
Should this mean that a RED dictatorship may become a reality in Nepal? Who knows?
To conclude, Nepal PM is sure to visit China. And PM Oli must convince this time the top leadership there that Nepal wants to free itself from the over dependency of India, at least in the energy sector. So PM Oli should sign an agreement for development of High Voltage Direct Current line with China much similar to what Pakistan has very freshly signed with China.
The agreement should be carried out in between Nepal and the Power Division and State Grid Corporation of China in order to make Nepal load shedding free nation for all time to come.
Now it all depends upon Oli’s political acumen as to how he convinces President Xi Jinping who has already emerged as the most powerful man on earth.
For the road: Writes Arjun Kumar, an unknown writer.(sic), “Nepal has learnt lessons in foreign policy. It seems India has not the expansionist urge and arrogant approach that reminds Nepalis of the two prolonged blockades in 1989 and 2015 have pushed Nepal away from India. India had similar policies of expansionism and arrogance towards all its neighbors. They worked vis-à-vis smaller neighbors as long as India was a dominant power in the region. With China emerging as a nerve center of a global network of communications the BRI the big and small countries in the region have alternate access to development opportunities that are much more accessible and respecting our national respect and sovereignty. No wonder India find itself amidst its neighbors that are all a part of BRI or the string of pearls as they call it. India must realize its imitation, A continuation of its policies expansionist and arrogant polices would make Nepal to explore more options and opportunities in its North. Nepal must take control of its resources especially hydropower resources and develop itself without being constrained by external hands”.

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