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Chief Minister Raut undermines national sovereignty, flag

By Our Reporter
The Madhesi leaders of Province 2 once again revealed their true colour by exhibiting disrespect to national sovereignty and flag of Nepal during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Janakpur last week.
They prepared and displayed wrong national flag during the civic reception of Modi in Barhabigha. Moreover, the foreign ministry and the security officers did not bother to replace the wrong flag with the right one. Although it is not known how the wrong flag was prepared, it was the biggest blunder and the Provincial government should be accountable for it. However, Chief Minister Raut has been avoiding questions relating to the flag.
Likewise, Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut not only violated the constitution, but also undermined the national sovereignty by announcing in the civic reception that the people in the Tarai have been discriminated. A chief minister should not have made such complaint to the prime minister of the neighbouring country. Chief Minister Raut insulted his own people, saying that they were most backward and poor lots in the country. He desecrated the constitution before the Indian PM, terming it discriminatory forgetting that he had assumed office only after taking oath of Nepal’s new constitution. Some extremist elements even tried to poison the ambiance of Modi’s visit by displaying a banner reading ‘free Madhes’ at the civic reception.
Moreover, Raut had read out the written statement and the Foreign Ministry officials should have corrected it before he read it out because all issues relating to the external affairs fall in the jurisdiction of the Foreign Ministry.
Although Prime Minister K P Oli and Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali objected to the complaint, their views came too late. Now the government needs to dare to take action against chief minister Raut.
Of course, the mess noticed during Modi’s Janakpur visit clearly suggests that the central government should be strong enough to make the provincial governments abide by the constitution and act as per the international practices.

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