Wednesday , October 17 2018
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Syndicate everywhere

By Our Reporter
Although the present government has applied all its strength to end syndicate in the transportation sector, it has done nothing to end syndicate prevalent in other sectors.
Of course, the entrepreneurs have imposed illegal syndicate and cartel in almost all service sectors ranging from fuel to hospitals and taxis to schools.
As a result, the consumers are forced to pay high for the services and even for food and vegetables.
Even in public buses the commuters are forced to pay more than the fixed fare.  The helpers ask Rs. 15 in place of fixed fare of Rs. 13 or Rs. 14 and Rs. 20 in place of Rs. 15. A recent report had it that these public vehicles cheat at least Rs. 2.4 million a day from the commuters in the valley.
Similarly, the buses carry passengers exceeding their capacities. According to a news report published in a daily, the 12-seated buses carry double their capacity. The passengers are compelled to travel in a suffocated situation due to syndicate and cartel.
Similarly, the owners of oil tankers do not allow new tankers join the business because entry of new tankers can affect their syndicate and cartel.
Likewise, the gas entrepreneurs have opened branches of the gas industry to discourage the opening of the new gas industry.
Even the banking sector is not free from syndicate and cartel. It was evident from the case of NIC Asia Bank which was unable to increase the interest rates for the depositors due to opposition from the Bankers, Association.
Similarly, the mushrooming private schools cheat the students and parents resorting to cartel and raise fees under different headings.
Moreover, the middlemen have imposed syndicate on green vegetables forcing the commuters pay unnecessarily high cost for the vegetables. They buy green vegetables from the farmers at a very low price and increase it double in the wholesale market, which doubles again when they reach the consumers. The difference in the wholesale and retail prices of vegetables is a testimony to the presence of cartel in vegetable markets.
Health sector too is not free from this. However, the government seems to have tried to control the syndicate of only public transport ignoring the syndicate in other areas.

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