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Sugatratna’s hanky-panky business

By Our Reporter
Sugatratna Kangsakar, general manager of the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), who is giving big talks for introducing wide body aircraft of the Airbus company, which will be a historic moment in the Airline, is involved in mal-practice while purchasing the two wide-body Airbus.
To share of the commission amount, NAC has opened a bank account in the third country.
In the past NAC had purchased two narrow-body aircrafts directly from the manufacturing company, however, this time, NAC has avoided direct deal with the manufacturing company and is purchasing the aircraft from a third party having very nominal paid-up capital.
Earlier, when the two narrow-body aircrafts were purchased, Kansakar had given clarification to CIAA, the Public Accounts Committee in the Parliament and media saying that as the deal has been made directly with the manufacturing company, there was no commission game on the purchase. The same Kanshakar has, this time, made a deal with the third party by keeping the provision that NAC was trying to purchase two aircrafts having flown for 1000 hours. Also, another provision was introduced saying that the aircraft should have been manufactured only after 2014. These provisions had closed the door to the manufacturing company to bid any tender.
Kanshakar said that the US based AAR Corporation Inc would supply the two aircrafts. The fact is that this company had no aircraft. Later, a new company named High-fly X was registered in Dublin, Ireland and it was informed that NAC was receiving the aircrafts jointly from these companies.
In accordance to the press statement issued by NAC on 27 January, 2017, NAC was said to be receiving the aircrafts from AAR Corp Inc, Germany Aviation and High Fly Airlines. However, on 7 April, 2017, a new company High Fly X was registered to supply the aircrafts to NAC.
It is interesting to note that High-Fly X Ireland was registered just for the purpose of supplying the aircrafts to NAC. This company was established only on 21 February, 2017. The question is how can NAC purchase aircraft from such a company which had never participated in the tender process called by NAC?

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