Thursday , September 20 2018
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MPs demanding special fund

By Our Reporter
Constitutionally, the local levels are responsible to carry out local level development activities while the Provincial governments are authorized to carry medium size development activities. Similarly, the responsibility to complete the national pride projects falls on the central government. But going against this constitutional provisions the lawmakers of the federal parliament as well as those of provincial assemblies are exerting pressure on the government to allocate Rs. 100 million to each lawmaker in the centre and Rs. 2. 5 to each in provinces  under ‘constituency infrastructure development special programme.’
This syndicate of the politicians will only empty the national coffer as the large portion of such budget goes into the pocket of the lawmakers and their aides.
It is reported that lawmakers from the two big ruling parties—UML and the Maoist-Centre are exerting pressure on the government to allocate the budget under CIDSP. But Finance Minister Dr Yubraj Khatowada has strongly opposed the idea.
If the 275 lawmakers are provided the said amount, a budget amounting to Rs. 30 billion will go waste. The amount will be enough to construct at least 10 quality airports.
If the demands of the lawmakers are met, a huge portion of the national coffer will be spent to please the voters of the elected lawmakers.
Of course, the job of the lawmakers is to make laws and policies, not to involve directly in financial activities.
If the government strongly refutes to meet the petty demands of the lawmakers, a huge amount of money could be saved from going waste.

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