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RJPN observes first anniversary amidst a split in the party

By Our Reporter
Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN), the largest Madhes-based political party, has suffered a split during its first anniversary on Friday.
A small group of dissident leaders of RJPN, including Vice-chairman Ashok Kumar Yadav, General Secretary Kadam Rasul Ansari and others announced a new party named RJPN (Democratic), severing ties with the mother party.
However, the breakaway group was too small considering the strength of its central committee. It has 800-member central committee while only 33 central members had joined the new party.
Again, none of themembers of the federal parliament and provincial assemblies has joined the splinter faction.
The breakaway faction accused the top RJPN leadership of deviating from the agenda of Madhes movement, imposing monopoly of six presidium members and providing opportunities to only presidium member’s family members and relatives.
Former RJPN vice-chairman Yadav is the coordinator of the newly announced party. Ritesh Kumar Singh has become deputy-coordinator, Madhumaya Yadav treasurer, Subash Chandra Biraji and Jeevan Shah as general secretaries, Sadhana Yadav and Lucky Sherpa as secretaries and Dipendra Yadav as spokesperson for the ad-hoc committee.
Interestingly, Madhumaya is the spouse of the new party’s coordinator Ashok Yadav and both were candidates from the RJPN in the parliamentary and local elections, but failed to win the polls.  Ashok was a proportional representation candidate from the RJPN and his wife Madhu was a deputy mayor candidate.
However, top RJPN leaders have said that the split of 33 leaders from over 800-member central committee may not affect the party.

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