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Why Dahal is scared of unification?

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had wished to announce the unification of the UML and the Maoist Center earlier than his visit to Delhi. The members of the unification coordination team from both the parties submitted their final report to the supreme leaders of both the parties on time, even though, of late, Maoist supremo Pushpakamal Dahal is hesitating for the unification of these two biggest Left parties in the country.
Lately, Dahal put forward three conditions for unification. They are: a. writing achievements of the “people’s war” in preamble of the party statute; b. incorporating 50 percent of the Maoist leaders in the unified party’s entire organs and c. adopting Maoist Center’s election symbol “sickle and hammer” inside the UML’s election symbol “sun”.
These issues are yet to be resolved. Supreme leaders from both the parties had scheduled to announce the unification of both the parties on 22 April, the founding day of the Nepal Communist Party. However, Dahal, by cancelling the scheduled meeting with PM Oli on Sunday, left for Sukute Resort in Sindhupalchowk to take rest. Whenever Dahal faces political crisis, he goes for Sukute Resort.
On Monday, PM Oli and Dahal held a meeting, which was concluded with a decision to hold the meeting of unification coordination committee on Tuesday.
Now, leaders from both the parties believe that unification announcement on 22 April is impossible, although, the chances of unification has not ended yet.
Dahal in crisis:
First of all, Dahal wants to secure his position in the unified party. After two or three years, the unification, the national convention of the unified party should be held. Dahal wants his position as the party chairman of the unified party must remain secure. Lately, Dahal saw the increasing closeness between Oli and Madhav Kumar Nepal by ending their long rivalry for leadership in the UML. Dahal has taken it as a threat for his political future. Therefore, Dahal is seeking some sort of a written commitment to secure his position as the party chairman from the unification national convention of the party.
In total, the Maoist Center’s nationwide strength in the recent elections is just 28 percent. After the unification, Dahal is afraid of changing the camp by some leaders in his party and thus becoming close to Oli. In such a way, he has seen a decline of his strength in the unified party. Therefore, Dahal has demanded 50 percent representation from the Maoist Center in the party organs.
Furthermore, Dahal is suspicious from the working style of PM Oli. Just recently, Oli transferred important government secretaries even without informing the concerned ministers. If Oli will continue to work in such a style, it may bring many problems after the unification. Splitting the party immediately after unification would give a wrong message to the people. Therefore, Dahal wants to sort out all issues before unification.
Furthermore, time and again, Dahal is saying that many foreign and local elements are active against the unification move. It is said that some Westerners are frequently putting pressure on Dahal to stop the unification move. There are rumours that some Westerners and also some Indians have warned him to take the issue of human rights violation during the “people’s war” period to the Hague. Since he received such a warning, Dahal is in tension, say observers.

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