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Seeking a permanent solution on Kashmir issue

By Our Reporter
Last week, noted scholars, foreign affairs experts, senior journalists, among others, gathered for a discussion on the Kashmir dispute that has existed for above seven decades between our two neighbours India and Pakistan.
In recent months, the Indian security forces have performed brutality by violating internationally established norms on human rights against the people in Kashmir.
Many Indian scholars, civil society leaders, human rights activists, political leaders and even writers such as Arundhati Roy are condemning brutality performed by the Indian government against the Kashmiris.
Indian security personnel are using pellet guns on Kashmiris making them permanently blind.
Many of the participants remarked that on the issue of the Kashmir dispute, the UN has failed, so far, some academicians remarked on the weak Pakistani efforts in internationalizing the Jammu-Kashmir issue.
Some of the participants opined that the India-Pakistan dispute on Jammu-Kashmir issue is not limited within the two countries, but it has also affected all the neighbouring countries and the entire region.
Proper solution:
On the record, India, in 1947, had proposed the then UNO for ending the issue through a plebiscite giving the right of self-determination to the people there. Later, India withdrew from this proposal. However, if India, considered as the largest democracy, has little respect on democratic beliefs of the people and if she wants a peaceful solution of the Jammu-Kashmir problem, there is left no other ways except from giving the right to self-determination to the Kashmiri people, participants observed.

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