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Education Minister Pokharel unveils 3-month action plan

By Our Reporter
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has issued a three-month action plan 2075 B.S. for the effective implementation of the ministry’s plans, policies and programmes.
Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giri Raj Mani Pokharel issued the 30-point action plan on Sunday. Pokharel was appointed minister a month ago.
Minister Pokharel informed a press meet that the action plan was issued according to the roadmap issued by the ministry earlier.
Through the action plan, the ministry has made a commitment to have the organisational structure of the ministry endorsed by the Council Of Ministers. The action plan aims at endorsing the Medical Education Bill from the Provincial Assembly and start preparations to replace the bill in the next two months.
The ministry will build an internal mechanism for an education development and coordination unit, under the District Administration Office, to look after the transformation of the district education offices.
Meanwhile, the ministry will prepare a federal education bill and draft a bill on education based on rights, prepare a model law for the provincial and local bodies, issue a framework for school education national text books and formulate a draft bill on integrated higher education.
Minister Pokharel called on everyone to voluntary own up guardianship of the children hailing from the poor, destitute, marginalised community and community on the verge of extinction, who are deprived of basic education.
He urged everyone to find at least one child from such communities and help such children enrol in school, provide him/ her text books, stationery, uniform and day tiffin.
The minister informed that under this campaign, the Prime Minister has obtained the guardianship of Thinle Sabu Lama of Mugu district, Defense Minister Ishwor Pokharel obtained the guardianship of Surya Devi Rokaya, and Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari obtained the guardianship of Punna Bahadur Kumal.

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