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Prachand’s bottom line: Heading unified party

Kathmandu, 16 April: A secret has been revealed relating to delay in finalizing the unification process between CPN-UML and CPN-MC. According to Sanghu vernacular weekly, Prachand want to lead the unified party as KP Oli is at the helm of government. One of the reasons that is lingering the finalization process of party unification is Prachand’s keen desire to lead the unified party. Unless his dream of steering the unified party is realized, he is not budging an inch for unification. He views KP Oli and Madhav Kumar Nepal as his opponent and competitor in the party. He is not feared by Oli for the time being as he is heading the government but is threatened by leader Nepal’s position in the party, he is hatching conspiracy against him. The demand of 50 percent stake in the party is the main motive to amalgamate power. Prachand, under the influence of alcohol, is allegedly reported to have said amid his near and dear ones, “We successfully ousted the King, made Nepali congress to act as a puppet and now I know how to downsize the CPN-UML”. Prachand’s ambition to lead the party for one term is also one of the causes of delay in unification. He wants it to be agreed in black and white which will surely be opposed by other senior leaders of CPN-UML.

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