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Why does Maoist want ‘respectful’ unification?

Kathmandu, 15 April: Had it been according to plan as announced earlier, the unification of two communist parties would be possible in the next seven days. Provided that a dramatic turn takes place there will be unification. There is a slim chance of meeting the deadline of April 22-the day of unification. Once the Maoist party raised the issue of decent or respectful unification the dialogue process has come to a standstill.

Rato Pati, a digital news portal that is sympathizer of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Center) on Sunday has published an analysis stating that the unification is likely to be prolonged. The helmsman of Maoist Party Prachand and other senior leaders have been repeatedly speaking about ‘respectful’ unification on several occasions and Prachand, while talking with Young Communist League leaders on Sunday repeated the same term.

He has advocated for equal status in central working committee from both parties which that is indicative of respectful unification and the bottom line. Prachand assured the young leaders that he will go for respectful unification and initiate dialogue for the same. “There is no haste in unification,’ Prachand is quoted as saying. As the task force assigned to finalize the unification process was about to settle down all the pertained issues, Prachand raised the issue of equal power sharing: 50-50. Communist Party of Nepal (UML) leaders have been backing the idea of 30 percent as agreed during the elections. This is the latest bone contention lingering unification. Both parties agreed to form a 299 central working committee but they failed to accord on the modality of it. Equally important is the word ‘people’s war’ to be incorporated in the preamble of statute of unified party. UML leaders have been rejecting to it. There is a deep difference between the leaders with regard to party’s emblem.

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