Monday , September 24 2018
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Method in Madness

“Mr. Gorbachev, you teared down this wall” was Ronald Reagan’s congratulatory signal to the world that the Cold War had ended. The fall of the Soviet Empire was not, however, complete until the Russian leader was denied precious loans and food-aid following the rigors the Russian people were subjected to by the dismantling of the Soviet public producing and distribution system and the actual encouragement of the West of the blatant cronyism that his successor Boris Yeltsin indulged in to cannibalize the erstwhile Russian economy. The ease with which NATO and the European Union expanded eastward and the Western facilitation of regime changes in the Moslem Crescent currently finds impediment in an assertive Vladimir Putin with consolidated reins in Moscow and the West now sees fit to use an alleged poison gas attempt on a former Russian double agent as enough ruse to muster unity to begin expelling Russian diplomats from their countries. It is not enough to notice that Putin is an elected leader of non-communist Russia nor is it enough to stress that the British who perpetrated Brexit and Trump who congratulates Putin for his electoral win are hand in glove in mustering this surprising demonstration of combined Western clout at time when, of all the phenomena, slips in Western systems are showing under intense domestic and international scrutiny. The Russian ‘Bear’ was a threat to the British ‘Lion’ in the bad old days of colonialism which, if anything, propelled colonialism as, nearer home, the ‘great game’ facilitated British efforts to enter Afghanistan and (with Nepali acquiescence at Nepal’s cost, mind you) Tibet. That Western hubris serves well to deny Putin his electoral legitimacy is as much akin to the allegories regarding the coronation of a new emperor in China. Among other things, the fallacious charges that brought naked aggression to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq should have signaled that unipolarism has made way for what was thought to have been the antiquated use of power in the pursuit of national interests and the West is powerful still.
That it can trigger a series of high pitched protests in Nepal when its qualified mandate on the recently concluded (and sponsored) elections in the country is interspersed with reservations demanding alterations to the electoral process should not have caught our political masters unaware. The elections have flipped to power a communist party led mostly by traditional Brahmin Khas elites, both anathema to supposedly modern (read Western) interests in Nepal. If the Romanized West can pontificate on civilization to that bastion of Byzantine (eastern) Christianity, Russia, it should surely see this remnant of Hindu Nepal an impediment to civilization itself. The problem is the rancor with which Nepal meets the ploy. The course that has been set for us at Western and Indian prompting was eagerly lapped up by our new Nepali masters who used it to serve themselves. The problem is that a Nepal where the monarchy was the traditional center of power and its people were the source of that power has been transformed to a Nepal where the center of power has been shifted abroad by political organizations formed to serve the people in whose name they serve. K.P. Oli and his two thirds majority in parliament combined with the Nepali presidency which hails currently from his very own party have yet to match the strength and authority that they were so conveniently helped with two replace.

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