Sunday , September 23 2018
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Iron bread for the government

By Our Reporter
The civil servicemen’s unions which are affiliated with different political parties have become iron bread for the government.
The other day, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Minister Lalbabu Pandit warned that the civil servicemen must go to the new office where they have been transferred. If they will deny to join the new office, they will be terminated.
Likewise, the government has decided to scrap the golden handshake retirement scheme for the civil servicemen introduced by the previous government.
Against such warnings, the civil servicemen’s unions are planning to lunch struggle and also against the government decision for transferring civil servicemen forcefully.
Presently, the provincial and local governments are facing acute shortage of manpower, on the other hand, the civil servicemen are trying to stick in the federal government by using their affiliation with the political parties.
Civil servicemen have been politicized and the previous governments recognized and empowered them to do politics even by enjoying the tax-payers’ money and other facilities.
Civil servicemen’s unions and trade unions have become big hurdles for the government of the day. So far, when they were in opposition, they tried to use trade unions and also the civil servicemen to achieve their political goals. The very organs have become iron bread for the government of the day.

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