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Diplomatic code of conduct

By PR Pradhan

In Nepali context definition of diplomatic code of conduct is like an abstract art. In other countries, without permission of the foreign ministry of the concerned country our diplomats cannot meet any of the officials, political leaders or the leaders in the government. This is a standard diplomatic code of conduct.
In Nepal, diplomats from foreign countries can easily meet even to our prime minister at his bedroom without any information to our Foreign Ministry. Our prime minister, ministers, chief ministers are very much anxious to meet diplomats from foreign countries. Just recently, ambassadors from some Western countries were found meeting with our chief ministers, which was objected by our Foreign Ministry and the Ministry is learnt to have sent objection letters to all the diplomatic missions for not holding such meetings without permission of the Foreign Ministry. Interestingly, the Foreign Ministry has not warned our political leaders in power for not holding such meeting with foreigners. The government rule and regulations have to be maintained by all the leaders and officials equally. When our prime minister and ministers, opposition party leaders, former prime ministers are meeting with the diplomats stationed here, the Foreign Ministry has not made any objection but when our chief ministers held such meetings, the Ministry has become alert.
Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj visited Kathmandu at the invitation of UML chairman KP Oli. New Delhi didn’t inform our Foreign Ministry about the visit and programme schedule of Swaraj.
South Block disclosed the news that our Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is visiting Delhi from 6 to 8 April and holding a meeting with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi on 7 April. Our Foreign Ministry and even the foreign minister were unaware about the visit. Even after reports were appeared in Nepali newspapers, the Foreign Ministry was saying that the visit date has not been officially confirmed. In general, while organising such official visits, first of all, the embassy of concerned country should extend a formal invitation through its diplomatic mission to the foreign ministry. The foreign ministry will have to forward the invitation to the prime minister’s office and under the coordination of the foreign ministry and the diplomatic mission of the concerned country the visit schedule will be finalized. When reports are appeared in all the broadsheet dailies about our prime minister’s visit to India, one cannot deny that without confirmation from our prime minister the visit schedule was made public by the host country. Therefore, we should understand that our prime minister, without informing his foreign minister, has fixed his visit to India. If he did so, did the prime minister follow the diplomatic norms, this is a burning question. The other question is that shouldn’t the prime minister follow the diplomatic channel while dealing with other friendly countries!
Our prime minister has made serious objection on the EU election observation team’s report. The EU election observation team has advised to exclude Khash-Arya community from the existing provision of seat reservation from them. The government, strongly dominated by Khash-Aryas has asked the EU to take back its remarks which is a dictation and violation of diplomatic norms. On the other hand, EU has stated that it will not delete its remarks stated in the report.
Meanwhile, some people have started to laude for cow slaughtering. The EU officials are meeting with CK Raut, who is campaigning for creating a new nation by splitting our tarai districts. These are the clear message to understand the real intention of the European Union.
Or course, the OHCHR officials when they were stationed in Nepal were found supplying small arms to the communal armed groups in Nepal. Their mission was clear that they wanted to destabilize Nepal. Patriotic Nepalis were against the election of the constituent assembly. They were against the present structure of federalism, secularism and republicanism. Sad to state, the very political leaders, under the influence of Euros, wrote the new constitution as per the dictation of the very Westerners. That was a planned attempt to abolish Nepal’s traditional culture, religion, language and after all, our glorious civilization. Today, by enjoying the leverage the EU officials have gained in Nepal by using our corrupt political leaders, have released a controversial report. Yes, they have the record that how much they had paid to our corrupt leaders. Therefore, they have taken stance on their report even after objection by the government.
Now, the country is to witness the real design of the Westerners after becoming successful on declaring Nepal a secular, federal republic. The demand for cow slaughtering is just a casting of the film.
If Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is really hurt from the behavior of diplomats stationed here, first of all, he should draft a blueprint of our foreign policy and diplomatic code of conduct and implement it strictly. Also, he should be able to say persona non grata to those diplomats who violate diplomatic norms. Likewise, as INGOs and NGOs are very much active here to destroy our cultural values, the government should be able to take bold decision in curbing them.

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