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CJ Parajuli ousted, Joshi officiating CJ

By Our Reporter

Chief Justice (CJ) Gopal Parajuli who was dragged into controversy due to his four separate birth dates was sacked by the secretary of the Judicial Council in a dramatic move.
Secretary of the Judicial Council Nripa Dhwaj Niraula on last Wednesday sacked CJ Parajuli when the latter was administering oath of Office to President Bidya Devi Bhandari.
The letter sent to Parajuli by the Niraula was illegal as it was sent without holding the meeting of the Council.  However, the letter was sent as per a conspiracy hatched by Attorney General Agni Kharel and UML leader Nembang, as ousting of Parajuli was a necessity to save the court from utter anarchy. The move was termed as a coup by independent lawyers and experts constitutional law.  Obviously, while relieving Parajuli, the UML leaders promoted further anarchy in the Court. How could a civil servant dare to oust the Chief Justice? It was an utter abuse of power and encroachment of jurisdiction. But in Nepal, everything happens, and CJ Parajuli became the victim this time.
CJ Parajuli, who was preparing to challenge the Judicial Council’s letter, was helpless when acting CJ Deepak Raj Joshi fixed the cause lists before Parajuli reached the Apex Court on Thursday. He had no option but to tender resignation to the President. He submitted his resignation on Thursday which was also confirmed by the President’s Office in a press statement issued later on Thursday.
However, his resignation was not accepted by the President.
In the press statement, spokesperson of the President’s Office Hari Prasad Dawadi said that the resignation would come into effect from Thursday.
Although the Judicial Council relieved CJ Parajuli from his duties, Parajuli claimed that he was still eligible to continue in the post of Chief Justice. He had claimed that the secretary of the council had no right to sack him.
However, on Thursday, the Supreme Court administration, in its official website, updated the information that senior-most Justice Dipak Raj Joshi had begun serving as the officiating CJ of the Supreme Court. As the confusion deepened following contradicting claims by Parajuli and Supreme Court administration, the CJ submitted his resignation, ending all speculations.
According to the existing constitutional provision, CJ remains in the office for six years or up to the age of 65 years. And Parajuli was retiring in Mid April due to his age bar. But he was sacked one and a half months before his retirement.
Indeed, Parajuli had paved the way for his ousting by arresting Dr Govind KC, who had demanded his resignation, and issuing a controversial order against a daily. Moreover, the public has developed a negative attitude towards Parajuli due to the controversy over his date of birth and his controversial orders.

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