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Manage TIA runway efficiently

By Our Reporter
Although the TIA authorities are trying to blame the pilots of the ill-fated US Bangla Air Plane for human error causing accident, pilots flying to Kathmandu are always in stress due to the air-traffic jam and they are compelled to hold the aircraft in the nearby Kathmandu sky at least for half an hour to two hours.
According to the Drishti vernacular weekly, at the time of accident on Monday afternoon, there were five aircrafts on hold in the Simara sky at a difference of about one thousand five hundred feet height distance. Sometime, due to the weather, the aircraft may face bumping for more than one thousand feet below which may invite collision of the aircraft with another aircraft flying below one thousand feet. Due to such a fear, always pilots are in tense.
The main problem with the TIA is limited apron area for the aircrafts, which TIA can expand it if the officials are sincere and committed. TIA expansion project has been halt due to the dispute with the contractors. If the expansion project is going to be delayed further, in a temporary basis, TIA authorities should manage apron area immediately aside the runway, suggest experts.
Holding aircrafts in the sky for hours will also pollute air as in one hour of holding, one aircraft will consume 3000 kgs of fuel.

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