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Western influence in the government

By Our Reporter
Along with appointment of Yubraj Khatiwada as the finance minister in the present KP Sharma Oli led cabinet, observers have started to say that the Oli government is neither pro-India nor pro-China but it is a pro-west.
PM Oli, under the design of the West, had appointed Khatiwada as the finance minister.
Jana Aastha vernacular weekly, run by noted journalist and editor Kishor Shrestha, acting chairman of the Press Council Nepal, who is learnt to have closed to the UML, has reported that UNDP Kathmandu chief was strongly lobbying for Khatiwada’s appointment as the finance minister. After the appointment, the UNDP officer had felt a great satisfaction and remarked, “Now, it will become easy for us to work “.
Political observers claim that Khatiwada is closed to different INGOs and always he is taking benefit from these INGOs. He will serve the Western interests after all, they say.
Westerners have been able to impose the present constitution by dismantling our culture, religion and traditional values – Hindu Kingdom. Westerners are seriously worried from possible failure of their agendas in Nepal. Therefore, first of all, they want to institutionalize secularism, federalism and republicanism as symptoms have been seen on failure of the constitution.
By bringing their own man, the westerners are thinking to provide loan to institutionalize secularism, federalism and republicanism. The government is all set to apply for trillions of rupees worth loan to meet the increased expenditure while making functional federalism and republicanism in the country.
Likewise, PM Oli and Maosit Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal are trying to please the westerners by bringing Upendra Yadav as the foreign minister, say political observers. Yadav is the campaigner of federalism. He, under the western influence, had campaigned federalism. If Yadav will become the foreign minister, it will obviously benefit the Westerners, say observers.
Although, Indians believe that the present government is closed to China, it seems, rather than China, the government is under the strong influence of the West, say political observers.
Otherwise, at the time when the Left alliance government are enjoying comfortable majority to form the government, why Oli and Dahal are trying their best to bring Yadav in the government, the very observers question.
“Very quietly and very wisely westerners have captured the government,” they remark.

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