Tuesday , September 25 2018
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PM Oli intends to become more powerful by centralizing power

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister K. P. Oli, who has been bracing to form a powerful government of a two-thirds majority in the centre by trying to induct the two Madhes-based parties—Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, has also initiated process to centralize power in the Prime Minister by bringing the Social Welfare Council, National Investigation Department, Department of Revenue Investigation and Department of Money Laundering Investigation, INGO/NGO monitoring bodies among others, under the purview of the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.
The government has already decided to bring these constitutional and other bodies under the PMO, which has drawn a mixed reaction, with NC leaders terming it as a beginning towards the path of authoritarian rule.
However, others have welcomed the move as the initiative would be helpful to control unwanted activities and corruption in these organisations. Moreover, the centrailsation of power will make the Prime Minister powerful so that he would take action against any wrong-doers. In the past, the Prime Ministers were unable even to sack ministers even if they resorted to illegal and immoral activities.
But the decision seems to have sacred the Nepali Congress leaders as they fear the powerful PM would reverse all the decisions taken by the Deuba-led government.
Anyway, the decision can be a beginning point to make the post of Prime Minister more powerful so that he can implement all the decisions taken by the government.

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