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Women not safe in Nepal!

By Our Reporter Increasing cases of women rights violation throughout the country as reported by the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC), have shown that Nepal has become unsafe for women. A recent report made public by INSEC said that as compared to 2016, the cases of women rights violation increased …

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Talking straight in the shadows


BY MAILA BAJE Chalk one up for cruel candor, if you will. With one word put in vicious context in one interview, Prime Minister K. P. Oli has provoked the Indian commentariat into probing his means, motive and opportunity. In his interview with the South China Morning Post, Oli made …

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The Political Dangers

Shastra Dutta Panta

PROF. DR. SHASTRA DUTTA PANT Half a century ago Mr. Ganeshman Singh and Dr. K.I. Singh had raised the voices against the tri-partite agreement in 1950. After the democratic practices of seven decades, the leaders of the political parties, lawyers, journalists and intellectuals did not oppose the 12 point New …

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Now, Leftists’ Time to Act


BY P. KHAREL Finally, the time of reckoning has arrived for the Left Alliance. With the CPN (UML)-Maoist Centre alliance firmly in power, the Opposition with Nepali Congress at the forefront is set to play spoilsport or laying down its bargaining chips behind the scene. The ruling partners had a …

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Indian Corrections


So much of rhetoric emanating from across the border on the failure of Indian foreign policy vis a vis China is centered around Nepal. This is ironic. In the first place this criticism emanates largely from the Indian Congress which seeded and nurtured India’s traditional foreign policy carried over as …

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Sikhs victim of Indian human rights violation

BY RIAZ Ethnic and religious insurgency in India knows no bounds. There are more than 22 Indian states which are plagued with separatist movements. The most visible is Indian Occupied Kashmir, where Indian forces have tried to subdue the Muslims through brute force and since 1989, when the Kashmiris arose …

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Modi’s actions leave a crucial ally very upset, advantage China


BY MANI SHANKAR AIYAR In November-December 2015, the Modi government not only disgraced itself but also seriously jeopardized our national interests in Nepal, our sister-country to the North on whom we depend to protect and promote our security and energy requirements. The dependence is reciprocal. A carefully thought-out and well-calibrated …

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US frightened by its own mirror image

BY GUO XIAOBING In his report titled “Coping with Surprise in Great Power Conflicts” for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Mark F. Cancian, a senior adviser at CSIS, tries to bridge Graham Allison’s thoughts on the Thucydides Trap and Ghost Fleet’s vivid description of future war. The …

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Let Asia be for Asians

BY NASIR THE economically strengthening China, eager India, confident Japan, re-emerging Russia and the ‘mighty’ US have created extreme vulnerabilities and imbalance in Asia. Peace and prosperity of this region in particular and of the world by and large is relative to shared relations between these real powers. The Asian …

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