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Will corruption rate be reduced?

By Our Reporter
According to the Transparency International report, Nepal is ranked among the most corrupt nations. Of late, the country is enjoying republicanism and communists have enjoyed power time and again, even though, year by year, Nepal has been recognized as a corrupt nation.
The very people, who were involved in rampant corruption and commission deals, are in power today. Without drastic change in their behavior, Prime Minister KP Oli cannot end corruption and commission practices.
Both PM Oli and Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal are solely dependent on businessmen and commission agents’ funding. Even their private meetings or say one-on-one meetings are taking place at such businessmen’s house. One cannot expect such contribution from the businessmen without any profit.
Serious Headache: Political parties introduced partisan politics in the civil service also. Today, the civil servicemen are divided into different political parties and their respective organization is protecting them on the basis of their political beliefs rather than encouraging them for delivering service to the people. Anarchism has been witnessed in the civil service sector, forget about other sectors. Today, even after the government decision to send the civil servicemen in the province governments, they have not obeyed the government decision.
Furthermore, PM Oli and MC chairman Dahal are talking about stable government and economic prosperity. But the party run trade unions are disturbing investors and destroying investment environment in the country. In the name of labour rights unions protected by different political parties, specially by NC, UML and MC, have made investors as milking cows. Those, who have already made huge investments in the country, are gradually taking back their investment from Nepal due to the political disturbance.
In such circumstances, can PM Oli ensure economic prosperity?
Furthermore, there is serious lapse of rule of law. Those people in power consider themselves as above the law. They are out of reach of the Commission for Investigation on Abuse of Authority (CIAA) and also the court. In conclusion, one can say there exists serious political anarchism as well as financial anarchism.
The question is that can PM Oli and his government be able to give a clean image and introduce good governance and rule of law!

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