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The Political Dangers

Shastra Dutta PantaHalf a century ago Mr. Ganeshman Singh and Dr. K.I. Singh had raised the voices against the tri-partite agreement in 1950. After the democratic practices of seven decades, the leaders of the political parties, lawyers, journalists and intellectuals did not oppose the 12 point New Delhi pact nor they opposed the 25 point MU by PM Prachanda in 2016 which shades the independent foreign policy, interfering into domestic matters and defence related matters.
Slowly from KP Bhattarai to Prachand’s second premiership all PMs had lost their courage on taking stand for matters of strengthening
Nepal’s sovereignty, independence and use of natural resources.
Matrika Koirala handed over Koshi to India, BP Koirala handed over the Gandak, GP Koirala along with UML handed over the Mahakali,
Karnali and Arun. Slowly we are losing one after another water resources year by year. So is the situation in free trade, transit and industrial sectors. People hate multiparty system because it always allowed alien interferences, promoted corruption and materialistic consumer economy. Finally Puspakamal Dahal in
2016 handed over three things — foreign policy, defense matters and solely domestic matters such as constitution making to foreigners.
Shastra_BookThe provocation of Maoist for the ethnic/linguistic identity by demolishing national identity is baseless. Opposing national dress and provoking for ethnic dress, the ethnic federal states, one Tarai one state, secularism and republicanism all are for the sake of spoiling the age-long practice of unity in diversity. It makes them easy to make Nepali politics to do as they like to be done. This has been an irreparable loss to Nepal.
The Tarainins demand for autonomous province with the right for self-determination in
Entire Tarai districts by mortgaging Nepal’s sovereignty. The ethnic culture falls within the national culture. How the unity of ethnicity can be possible by eliminating unity in diversity of the nation? Mass media, intellectuals, teachers/ lawyers running after such illogical practice, are, of course, harmful for the nation. That is what exactly the missionaries and the RAW wanted to be done. It is simply to weaken Nepal’s unity, its cultural value and civilization tremendously.
The changes proposed after 2006 are without technical test, research, analysis and scientific proof. All curtail people’s rights and democratic practices, ultimately all making harm for Nepal.
Communists do not believe on power decentralization, privatization, liberalization, and federalism. It does not accept caste system/feudal system. It believes on equal standard of living of all people, from PM to worker, provide food/shelter according to his need and work according to his ability; does not accept privatization and liberal economy. But communists in Nepal have gone against the basic philosophy of communism. They all have feudalistic culture; they are mostly millionaire and a few billionaire but millions of people at grassroots level are living in jobless situation and below the line of extreme poverty. They are agent of the alien nations; work along with the organized groups of Dons/antisocial elements/criminals. Thus the party is out of knowledge, dharma, moral character and virtues/truth. They work just for money, not for nation, the money is received from the missionaries and RAW.
A weak Nepal is the strength for RAW and missionaries. Strife, instability and poverty stricken Nepal is their strength.
Divide and rule has been their philosophy. Keep people poor, has now been their motto. Finally they jointly took actions on Nepal through SPA-M pact in Delhi.
During that time Nepal’s political power was divided into three power centers, capitalism, communism and the king. Any two of them combined together, would make a major ruling power.
Knowing this fact, the two alien forces could make an unnatural alliance between the capitalist and communistic parties against the kingship.
The intelligence of Nepal was so weak, thus, could not analyze the politics and Nepal to face a never ending transitional and instable politics.
So they brought about the political changes for their interests and got things done. They spoiled the established unity in diversity. The internationally competitive quality of Nepalis is smashed by means of reservations. Introducing politics, always fighting each other, always involving in corruption has been their conspiracy. Conflicts are going on gender, geography, mother tongue and spiritual practices, republicanism, federalism, secularism, reservation, ethicist, mother tongue, democracy Vs loktantra. They also planned to demolish the oriental civilization and culture, however excellent it is. In loktantra all teachers, judges, constitutional bodies, police and even military are directly supporter of one of the party. They leave their jobs and go for strike bandhas and vandalism on call of their party.
Having done all this RAW inducted Maoists rebellious groups to shatter the peace of Nepal to take full advantage of the disturbed situation.
(Excerpts from the book “Machination of RAW in Transitional Nepal” authored by Prof. Dr. Pant.)

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