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Why the unification process was delayed?

By Our Reporter
Although it was said that due to the difference on the ideologies adopted by UML and Maoist Center (MC), the unification process of the two parties was delayed, and the fact is that as MC chairman PushpakamalDahal wants a written agreement on sharing power in both the government and the unified party thisis the reason why the two communist parties could not be unified in the stipulated time.
In last Thursday’s meeting between UML chairman KP Sharma Oli and Dahal in Manbhawan, Lalitpur, Dahal had demanded for issuing a written agreement by clearly mentioning power sharing in the party and the government. The UML chairman urged for the formation of the government first as NC led coalition government was doing many important decisions which would affect the nation in the long-run, Dahal agreed to support Oli to take the post of the PM.
However, on Friday, MC said that it will support the Oli led government by remaining outside. The party further announced in remaining outside the government until unification of the two parties. Oli had tried his best to bring the MC in the government but finally, he was compelled to announce his cabinet by assigning two UML ministers only.
Again, on 18 February, Oli and Dahal held a one-on-one meeting at the residence of businessman DurgaPrasain in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. The meeting went for more than four hours but concluded without any concrete decision.
Power bargain:
MC chairmanDahal has put forward two agendas. They are: sharing power in the party as well as the government. Responding to Dahal, Oli has become ready to introduce two party chairmen in the unified party. Furthermore, Dahal had demanded for giving him executive chairman’s post when Oli will remain as the prime minister. Oli has not given a clear reply on this.
Accordingly, Dahal has demanded power sharing in the government. Earlier, he was of the view of heading the government for two and a half years by Oli and Dahal. When Oli didn’t respond to Dahal on this, Dahal became a little flexible and put forward a new proposal for assigning him PM for two years. Dahal gave a warning message that until acceptance of this proposal in written, MC is not going to send a MC team in the government.
Madhav Nepal factor:
When it was decided to introduce two chairmen mechanism in the unified party, Madhav Nepal had questioned to Oli that what will be his responsibility in the party.
Also, the other second generation leaders — who have been enjoying responsible posts in the party after they got elected in the party election — have questioned about their future in the unified party. Oli was unable to resolve these problems immediately.

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