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Unification or surrender?

By Our Reporter
kp-oli-and-prachandas-agenda-revealed-videoFinally Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal has stepped down from hisbottom-line. He had wanted a written agreement on power sharing both in the government and party. Although, UML and Maoist leaders have announced unification of the two parties by signing on the 7-point agreement, there is no mention about sharing the party chairmanship and the government turn by turn by two chairmen. Dahal had demanded for assigning him as the executive chairman during the time when Oli will remain as the prime minister. But both the chairmen are going the party meeting turn by turn.
Also, in the written agreement, there is no mention about sharing the government by both the chairmen turn by turn. However, it is said that there was a gentleman agreement on sharing the government by both the leaders, which is not mentioned in the 7-point agreement.
According to a high-level source in the UML, UML leaders have understood that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli will continue as the PM for next three years and in this period, the unification national convention will take place, where the new chairman will be elected. Who will be the next chairman of the party, the party election will decide. There is no sure that Dahal will be elected as the chairman of the unified party.
Furthermore, it is mentioned in the 7-point agreement that Marxism and Leninism will be the ideological stand of the unified party. Observers believe that the Maoist Center has totally surrendered and merged into UML by giving up its ideological stance.
Meanwhile, a section of Maoist leaders including six party headquarters members, 15 standing committee members and 200 central committee members have decided for not joining the unified party. They are doing homework for launching a new party or giving continuation to the existing Maoist Center.

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