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NP Upadhya

The excessive use of HINDU card by India: Lord Shiva is a Nepali God

By N. P. Upadhyaya
NP UpadhyaKathmandu: Has India changed her Nepal policy? India on course correction? India corrects its course on Nepal? Indian intellectuals blame New Delhi in having a reckless diplomacy being exhibited towards the smaller neighbors?
These were some headlines that appeared in the Nepali media in the recent months more so after the sudden ”uninvited” dash of the Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj to Kathmandu.
In fact who or which part of the government or who is the one Nepali leader in Kathmandu invited this BJP twisting machine is yet to become public, however, what is for sure, our own experience on Nepal-India relations that stretched to well over four decades, that such headlines made by media whether it be in Nepal or even India were all bogus and the ground reality has been that India has now adopted a more coercive policy, or will, towards Nepal and other countries of this region.
No reciprocity. No charity in Indian diplomacy as former Foreign Secretary Dixit wrote in his memoirs, if one were to recall. (See My South Block Years by late Dixit).
If India takes the course correction and mends its differences with Nepal or for that matter other SA nations then it should be not India. This much I can tell for sure. India minus hegemony and coercion is British India Company and that is all or even the Mughal era.
To hope that Indian FM Swaraj had come to Kathmandu in order to apologies for the past blunders committed on Nepal shall be a self defeating exercise and a joke of the Himalayan order. Yet she came, say and then conquered by doing her assigned duties well.
China must have now come to its senses as Beijing is a far flung neighbor of Nepal after KPS Oli have had a private tête-à-tête with the visiting unfriendly guest from across the border.
India, for those who understand this nation, born 194, better comparatively speaking, is a conglomerate of various nationalities who have been kept in dark on how their own country mis-behaves with its smaller neighbors and yet boasts of being the champion of Universal Brotherhood and Universal peace which in fact originated from the Nepal’s Himalayan caves wherein great spiritual Saints and Yogis scattered the message of peace and brotherhood to the entire world.
But India cashed in those wise counsels offered to the world by the great saints and Yogis from the Caves in the Himalayas.
Just imagine how the Indian nation born 1947 dupes the world and spreads false messages that practically all the Gods and Goddesses worshiped by the Hindus across the world were born in India as if the Super natural beings had a special penchant and thirst to take their birth(s) in the territory now occupied by India prior to its birth. However, the Demons were not of the Indian origin as they symbolized terror and devastation and thus they, the Demons, preferred not to take birth in this territory now called India.
Thanks Goddess Sita has been mentioned as to have taken birth in Nepali territory-Janakpur. The Indian authors also admit this fact. The Indian writers are simply great to have mentioned this truth.
Lord Shiva, if not the form and shape of a huge energy shell then he was born in Dhankuta or somewhere in Okhaldhunga. Kirateshwar Mahadev with whom one of the Pandavas, more so Arjun, has had a fight with Lord Shiva and later the Lord blessed him with Pashupatastra, a kind of today’s nuclear arsenal a la Nuclear bomb.
Likewise, Maharshi Vedvyas, the writer of great epic the Mahabharata, was born in Nepali soil and his mother was Matsyagandha turned Yojan Gaandha turned Satyawati, who later became the grandmother of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. She was also a Nepali girl-the daughter of a local fisherman.
Saint Parasar was the father of Veed Vyas.
Satyawati was married later to King Santanu.
The existence of Vyas cave and Vyas Nagarpalika in Lamjung area of today’s Nepal also testifies to the Nepali claims but yet remains to be publicized in the manner the Indians take up the matter of their liking.
More so Chanakya, the great diplomat-economist of his era whose talent remained unchallenged in the then world too have had visited Dhankuta or nearby from wherein he brought Chandra Gupta Maurya to the seat of learning Taxilla, now inside the territory of modern Pakistan.
The mother of Chandra Gupta was MURA Devi who was a princess of a small Kingdom around Okhaldhunga or Bhojpur or in the surrounding in Nepal back in those times, whose brother Kirati King was defeated by the Military men of Ghananada, the King of Magadh, and thus they brought this girl, Mura Devi, and presented her to the Harem of the alcoholic King. It was this girl, married to King Ghanananda who gave birth to Chandra Gupta. Later the other wives of Magadh King out of jealousy ordered some men in the armed forces to secretly kill the newly born kid but the military men preferred not to kill the innocent boy and left the boy to the mercy of the dense forests in the Dhankuta-OkhalDhunga area of todays’ Nepal.
As the years passed by Chanakya was visiting the Nepali mountains for some reasons unknown and found the same boy delivering justice with his playmates from a distance.
Looking at the manner the small boy delivered justice; Chankaya instantly calculated that such a talented boy will mean much to him in his “finish Ghananada mission”. Somehow or the other Chanakya convinced the foster father of the boy that he would send this boy back to him upon completion of his higher studies in Taxilla. ( See Hari Narayan Apte’s book on Chankaya).
Upon his secret return to Magadh, Chanakya knew that the boy with him was the son of Mura Devi-then in prison. Per chance he met Mura and told her that he had found her son and a day will soon come when his own son would dismantle the Magadha kingdom and shall be the King of Magadha. The Mouryan era later came into being upon Chandra Gupta ascended the throne of Magadh.
Chanakya is on record to have advised the military men of Chandra Gupta that during the winter, blankets from Nepal would do well for the season. (See Tara Pad Vidyalankar book). This means that Nepal is an ancient country much older than the Indians may have thought.
Last but not the least, the queen of Pundit Ravana, Mandodari was a Nepali girl from Jomsom. When King Ravana was returning from Mount Kailash being blessed by Lord Shiva himself had seen Mandodari and fell instantly in love with her. Later at an opportune time, he came to Jomsom and married this Nepali girl.
When Pundit Ravana came to see Lord Shiva in Mount Kailas and recited Mantras Shloks and prayers to please the Lord, then the lord gave him a Shiva Lingam as a perfect blessing but concurrently Ravana was advised not to let the Lingam rest in the ground until he approached Lanka, now Sri Lanka.
While travelling in the snowy mountains, King Ravana have had a natural pressure and had to place the Lingam in the ground and as per the Lord’s saying, the Lingam made its immovable place in today’s’ Rameshwaram. Since then the Lingam rests in this place now an Indian territory in the South.
Lord Pasupatinath, it is said, is the world’s important Lingam but the Indian authors never mention the name of Pasupatinath simply because it is located in bête noir Nepal.
A dacoit called Ratnakar turned Maharshi Valmiki who nursed Sita and her two twin sons, Lav and Kush too was a Nepali saint. Valmiki Nagar, located in Chitwan area, is one perfect example.
Thanks Zee TV that visualized the place some years ago where he granted shelter to the abandoned wife of Lord Rama.
Sita was brought to this place by Lord Rama’s younger brother Laxman who was himself, as the legend goes, the incarnation of Shesh Naag.
Indeed, Nepali scholars have remained so far silent in these regards. They should have popularized
To conclude, Lord Krishna had once travelled to Nag Dhunga-Naubisey area to free his grandson from the captivity of the Demon King Banasur. This event also doesn’t count for the Indian writers and authors simply because they think that the Lords’ used to travel only in the then Aryavarta-but not India which had not taken its birth by then.
So this explains the mindset of today’s Indian rulers and thus to conclude that Indian FM Swaraj had come to Nepal to apologies for BJP’s recent blunders then that too would be a wrong conclusion. In effect she had come to convince Oli to maintain a comfortable distance with China and that whatever Nepal needed will come from India. Oli got lured.
If Oli offends India then it is the same BJP twisting machine that would impose yet another blockade on Nepal and here it will be China smiling at the Nepal follies.
The current crisis in the Maldives is perhaps of the Indian making. President Yameen has sought Indian support. India creates troublesd and in the name of assistance sends its armed forces like what had happened in Sri Lanaka wherein Indian Peace Keeping Forces were stationed and very sadly Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was hit by a Sri Laankan soldier.
Later nationalist Sri Lankan PM Premdasa vowed that his country shall not host the SAARC Summit in Colombo as long as foreign forces remain in that country.
The IPKF was a Himalayan failure in Sri lanka.
Frustrated by China’s grand entrance in Nepal a la Pakistan, India now has been using its HINDU card which is visible these days.
The manner Nepal’s last King Gyanendra has been greeted and honored in Oddisha, India, was simply a spectacular one in that only the Nepal Kings, it has been learnt, are allowed to worship Lord Jagannath by being inside the main cave of the temple and King Gyanendra made his way as desired by the local temple men in close coordination of the Indian government in Delhi.
Some even claim that the Indian FM Swaraj while holding private talks with the Nepali leaders freshly have had sounded to them that the last King is being honored by the Indian side and thus no hullaballoo should be created in Nepal citing the event held in India.
A beaming former King Gyanendra is being thus encouraged to step in Nepali politics as the guardian of the nation-state. If it is so then the blunt question remains yet which is: Will an Indian government reinstated Nepal King shall do justice with the Chinese establishment and his own people? Or is it that China too has given its positive nod for the reinstatement of the Nepali monarchy? By and large will the Nepali people accept him as their King, as in the past, who was India insulted and now reinstated by the same hegemon? And the question also is whether India reinstated monarchy could balance the security concerns of both the neighbors: India and China? Concurrently, have India and China been now in tandem for the reinstatement of the abolished system of monarchy in Nepal? Is it that China too has felt the absence of monarchy in realizing of its goals? The time will tell. Let’s wait and see as to how the Oddisha event gets unfolded. You’re your fingers crossed. That’s all.
And for the Road also: China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co. is working on MATIARI-LAHORE 600 KV HVDC Transmission Project. The capacity is 4000 MW. Length of Transmission line is 878 KM. And the Construction period is approximately 27 months. This will help Pakistan in managing short electric power upply in the country. Thanks CPEC.
This may also entertain you: The Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat, the one who has mastered the arts on how to tease China and Pakistan is set to arrive in Kathmandu. This sudden dash of Gen. Rawat hints that something is being cooked up in Kathmandu. But what is being cooked up? Remains still a big question indeed. Time will only tell the facts underneath this sudden visit.
(Now for a month on leave: Upadhyaya)

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